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16 Dec 15

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house goodbyeAs of Friday (18th December), I won’t live here anymore.

If we think of our websites as our online homes, then Friday is my moving day.

This online house will remain – for now. There are a couple of offerings that will stay available: the Blog for Clients self-study course, and the Turn Your Passion to Profit self-study course; there are also 150+ free blogs plus videos, guides and webinar recordings you can browse through.

I don’t know how long these will remain available beyond the 18th so do invest in the courses and make use of the free resources, while they’re still here.

Where I’ll be

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09 Dec 15

One of the biggest fears around marketing ourselves, as self-employed men and women, is the fear of visibility – and especially as it relates to being visible online.

Girl with back turned: Do you feel safe beingPeople seeing our words, our ideas, ourselves can feel exposing. We feel vulnerable, in the spotlight, open to criticism, and this can be so terrifying that many of us hold back from building a website, writing a blog, recording videos, sharing Facebook statuses, offering webinars, or any other online marketing approaches that are known to be effective.

When you’re not visible, your ideal clients can’t find you – and you don’t get paid. Your chances of making it with self-employment diminish when you’re scared to be visible.

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02 Dec 15

Guest post from You Inspire Me’s Tech Ninja, Daniel James Paterson.

Woman on computer - aiming for website tech profitability?Here’s to the internet! The solution to – and cause of – all of life’s problems.

No doubt Homer Simpson would approve of his illuminating quip being updated for the digital age – online tech is both the beautiful emancipation and evil nemesis of many a self-employed warrior.

I’m Daniel, resident Tech Ninja, and today I’m distilling how we navigated the rock-and-roll tech years from first website to solid profitability.

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29 Nov 15

Wouldn’t it be lovely if your mind were obedient?

You decide to be self-employed; you decide you’ll help people with your talents; you decide to start making your product or service available – and your mind just happily came along for the ride.

From my own experience of 10+ years of self-employment, plus hearing the experiences of thousands of other dedicated men and women, the reality is often entirely different.

You get an enquiry from a prospective client and immediately you hear the self-doubt thoughts popping up:

road closed“I’m not worth paying for.”

“I’m not experienced enough.”

“I don’t really know what I’m doing.”

“I’ll get it wrong.”

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27 Nov 15

His email said this:

“I understand what you’re saying about not being attached to thoughts and questioning them; it makes sense when we’re dealing with people.

But when it comes to money, it’s different. We need money. We can’t walk around thinking that money doesn’t matter – we’d lose our homes, we’d be out on the street.

I’m paying out for a lot of things at this stage of my business and I’m not earning a lot, so more than ever I feel the pinch around money and that I really need more of it.

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