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01 Jul 15

It’s horrible to feel you’re falling behind.

fear_falling_behindMaybe you’re chatting with a friend you trained with and she’s telling you how many clients she’s got, or how she’s been invited to give a talk, or how she’s just been published in a prestigious publication. You notice your stomach sink as you believe the thought “You’re moving so much faster than me!” or “I’m being left behind”.

I notice many areas of my life where I run the story that “I need to keep up”. For example, I’m currently on the journey towards being a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and one of the requirements is that we serve 120 hours of voluntary facilitation on the Do The Work Helpline.

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24 Jun 15

Phil Askew Taking The LeapPhil Askew is is a certified Co-active coach working with conscious entrepreneurs and coaches to discover what truly fires them up; to create an expression of their most purposeful work in the world and to leave a positive legacy in their tracks. Today he’s sharing what he’s learned on the path of self-employment. Find out more about Phil’s work at

I reached a point where the sense of worth and meaning I got from my work just didn’t come back for the time and energy I was dedicating to somebody else’s cause.

I had spent many years employed full time in the creative industry and as part of somebody else’s machine so to speak. I just saw this as the way things were. There’s a lot in the expectation and stories we are given to carry as children and stability through full time employment was my handed down legacy.

I found a life coach in order to explore my ‘career options’ and it was like a bomb dropped for me – a paradigm shift. Within the first 10 minutes of meeting her, I realised I’d found my life vocation.

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17 Jun 15

Bring to mind someone who’s brilliant with tech. Who do you know who loves being online, who’s highly competent in the back-end of websites, who can easily manage payment systems? Your friend, your loved one, YOU?

My business is evolving in a new direction and I’m looking for a reliable new go-to technical support person who I can call on for standard monthly maintenance tasks (probably around five hours per month) plus ad-hoc trouble-shooting as I continue to run the business in its current form this year, and then transition into a new model in the coming years.

In its current form, the business exists to help men and women go profitably, peacefully and happily self-employed. I teach the How To of marketing and finding clients, primarily through blogs, webinars and online courses.

The new direction will revolve around sharing The Work of Byron Katie to help people question and become free from the thoughts that cause their stress and disharmony – possibly still in the arena of self-employment, possibly in the arena of marriage and romantic relationships.

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10 Jun 15

Corrina Gordon-Barnes - what stops us showing up?What gets in the way of you showing up? What stops you from switching on your video camera right now and recording a heart-to-heart message for your community of prospective clients?

Take a moment to start a list of the fears, concerns and resistance.

If recording a video would be a piece of cake, consider instead an action that you hold back from taking because it involves being visible in a way that feels uncomfortable for you.

Cold-calling a conference organiser that you’d like to give a talk for?
Going to a new networking event?
Creating a Facebook Page?
Contacting a web developer?
Revealing yourself authentically on your About page?
Writing a blog?

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03 Jun 15

You’re torn. In a dilemma. Obsessing over options. Going back and forth.

When it comes to making a big decision, many of us agonise over the process; our brains whir and chatter, covering the same ground over and over, going back and forth, desperate to make the right decision.

When you’re self-employed, here are just a few of the many decision cross-roads you might find yourself at.

Do I call my business this, or that?
Should I niche in this direction, or that?
Should I go to this networking event, pay for this advertising space, join this social media platform, or not?
Should I blog about this topic, or that?
Should I hire support, or do this myself?
Should I enrol in this course, or not?
Weebly or WordPress?
This price, or that?
Should I offer my work in this format, or that? Offer these payment instalments, or not?

What decision is on your mind right now?

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