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02 Sep 15

It’s not every day you ask someone to stick a tube up your bottom.

During a health-kick a few years ago, I heard that colonics can give you a fresh slate, clearing the backlog of gunk that’s sitting around in your intestine.

However, the phone call I had with a colonic hydrotherapist brought home to me how self-employed practitioners can push eager clients away.

If clients are not buying from you, this story matters.

Here’s how we started…

Me: “Oh hi, so I’m interested in having colonics”.
Her: “Yes…?”


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26 Aug 15

You’ve got great skills. Even if you do say so yourself, you’re really good at what you do. You can help people, you can change lives.

So, why do you feel invisible?

For many self-employed men and women, they notice – with frustration or confusion – that they’re not on people’s radars. They’re not reaching the clients they want to help, they’re not known by those key figures who could be referring hundreds of clients their way.

If you don’t yet have a steady stream of clients, or an inbox full of client enquiries, then I have a treat for you.

Stop Being The World’s Best Kept Secret

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19 Aug 15

Taking The Leap: Webtech Wonder WomanToday, Jenny Jameson’s sharing the lessons she’s learned since taking the leap into self-employment. With over a decade of experience in IT, Jenny now takes her love of technology out into the online solopreneur world. As Webtech Wonder Woman, Jenny is here to show the world that technology is no barrier to having a thriving online business.

When I left my job, I didn’t have a business. I’d just had to leap. And I felt as if I’d not got a thing of value to offer the world. They say self-employment is the biggest self-discovery journey and they are not kidding. I’ve dived into layers of “not good enough” and other horrid feelings.

I was bullied as a child and that dents your self-esteem. I had to re-grow it and get out of my own way, and by keeping the focus on empowering my clients, I came through. I still have moments of self-doubt, but remembering the people I help keeps me going.

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12 Aug 15

It’s early morning. At the airport departure gate, each passenger seems in their own world: book, iPad, children to keep occupied. Very little, if any, eye contact with others waiting for the same flight.

A woman who can't speak - it can feel like this when we try to market ourselvesBut I have a question I want to ask them.

When we arrive in Cologne, I’m keen to share a cab with others travelling to the School for the Work with Byron Katie. It’s a 40-minute ride and will cost around 100 Euros; it makes sense for my purse if we ride together.

Asking this question involves speaking up. It requires my voice to break through the quiet hum of every person in their own zone. It requires being visible, all heads turning to me, the woman who’d dare to ask: “Excuse me, is anybody else going to the Byron Katie event?”

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05 Aug 15

Woman hiding her face - has she made a mistake?Oh dear God, the pain of regret.

You’ve done something you so desperately wish you hadn’t done.

You’ve made a mistake, a big one, and you wish you could turn back time. You wish you could erase what you did, do it differently.

Being able to turn back time and make what just happened go away is the super power I’ve often longed for.

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