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17 Dec 14

Hiding - when it feels impossible to show upHave you ever found it nearly impossible to show up?

The yoga teacher who finds herself deep in depression, cancelling a workshop the day before it’s due to take place because she can’t bear to face a room full of expectant faces.

The acupuncturist who leaves networking events early because the anxiety builds up with each new person he meets.

The coach who avoids replying to a client enquiry because she’s not confident she can make it through the conversation without her eyes welling up.

Whether you call it depression, the blues or being on a downer, the daily task of showing up to market yourself and deliver your services can be extremely tough when we’re feeling low.

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10 Dec 14

Choosing to go self-employed is a big deal. You might be fortunate enough to have someone in your life – a partner, friend, parent or housemate – who’s keen to support you and is wondering how best to do that.

I asked my community: what’s the most supportive thing your partner has said or done, to support you in being self-employed?

Here’s what they came up with – ten powerful ways a loved one can show their support for you.

1. “I believe in you.”

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03 Dec 14

What’s it actually like once you’ve battled those initial doubts and started working for yourself? What have successfully self-employed people learned from taking the leap?

Kate GreenstockKate Greenstock is a coach working with bold mothers reconnecting with their life’s purpose as their children grow. Today, she’s sharing her personal experience of self-employment, her journey to being visible in her business, and how she and her husband seek to balance the needs of their family.

I’ve been self employed as a facilitator and coach since 2004 after my first child was born – but the leap for me was the moment I knew it was time to birth my own business, taking a stand for awesome mothers and the risks required.

Being visible to and coaching my people – the women who unfurl and flourish before me – this I love.

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26 Nov 14

I often write about juicy, dig-deep topics, like: what if people say they can’t afford you? Or: how to set high prices when people are struggling financially? Or: how to hold your business together when your life is falling apart?

what is a webinar?And then sometimes, I’m asked a straightforward question – like, “Forgive me for being ignorant, but… what IS a webinar?” It’s not a question that moves me deeply. And the answer probably isn’t going to stir your soul or touch your heart.

But the answer might just transform your business.

Because feeling confident to attend a webinar may lead to you learning something key for your business’s evolution.

And feeling confident to host and lead a webinar yourself may lead to many new paying clients – and even to a new way of offering your wonderfulness to them.

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19 Nov 14

What you’re offering is the best thing since sliced bread.

You know this – but the people you want as your clients haven’t yet cottoned on.

sceptical face - they don't know they need youSomething has changed your life, and now you want to share it with as many people as possible and change their lives too… but they’re not getting it. They’re not seeing the value. They maybe haven’t heard of your modality or approach, or they just haven’t clocked that it’ll help with their specific situation.

How do you market yourself when your prospective clients don’t know they need you?

Whether you’re offering Amatsu or WordPress training, holographic repatterning or tea ceremonies, bespoke artwork or kinesiology, marketing doesn’t have to feel like banging your head against a brick wall.

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