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15 Apr 15

Kate Bacon: Taking the leap into self-employmentToday, Kate Bacon‘s sharing her story of taking the leap into self employment. Kate helps small businesses connect with their perfect clients through her creative approach to web design. Her coach training combined with a decade of experience in online business are the foundations of her work: Helping her clients dig deep into who they are, why they’re in business, and how they can express that authentically online.

I’ve found my biggest challenge to be self-belief (or periods of lack of it) that can trip me up if I am not careful. Some of this stuff I have carried with me since I was very young.

I remember my parents signing me up for a secretarial course when I was 18 – as it was always “something to fall back on”. It took me years to let go of the belief that “I have to earn my living doing some sort of administrative work” and allow myself to believe I could do something else.

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08 Apr 15

If you’re like most of the men and women who read this blog, you haven’t spent your life wanting to build a 6 figure business. You don’t read Fast Company and Inc. and burn with financial ambition. You don’t necessarily want to build a team or cross the VAT threshold.

Sweet and simple, you’ve found something you love doing and are good at and you want to spend as many hours as possible doing that, rather than working elsewhere.

You want to put your training to use. You want to replace the income you’d make in a less fulfilling or more restrictive job with money earned doing what you love most.

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01 Apr 15

During my recent weeks in California, the sun beamed day after day. My Facebook timeline became a shiny happy photo conveyer belt, sharing beaches and road trips and delicious vegan food.

They were all true images… And.

Ocean Beach sunsetEach photo was a nanosecond snapshot of that day. There’s so much I didn’t share. For example, while sitting on the boardwalk watching this stunning Ocean Beach sunset, I felt horrible. I’d just scuffed the car I borrowed from my friend and was consumed with guilt. Tears, tense shoulders, wanting to turn back time and have it not have happened. You don’t see that in this beautiful photo.

Sunshine doesn’t take stressful thoughts away

And while blue skies and palm trees don’t undo distress, nor does money. I’ve often heard my self-employed friends express a variation on this theme:

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25 Mar 15

“Hello. My name is _________ and I’m a course junkie.”

A notebook and pen: preparing to get more value from a courseIf you’re anything like me, you love learning. You have an insatiable thirst for new information, growth, development and mindset shifts. There’s nothing like having time in the diary devoted to learning, a fresh notebook to hand. Module 1, Class 1, Day 1 = bliss.

But investing into a course and then not seeing a return on that investment can taste sour. It feels like a waste of money, it’s embarrassing (especially if you borrowed money) or you’re filled with regret – that you could have enjoyed a holiday or bought a new laptop, coat or bike instead.

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18 Mar 15

Kamini GuptaKamini helps women to reconnect to their centre of balance and inner wisdom, through creative exploration. At Heart of Calm she offers retreats, sanctuaries and healing sessions both online and in-person. Today she’s sharing what she’s learned in more than twenty years of self-employment.

In 2014, I went on a Feminine Leadership training retreat with a spiritual teacher whose work I had longed to experience. I was totally lit up and felt the passion for the work I do deep within my bones – but I still couldn’t see how I could make this my work and earn a living from it. This was my ‘spiritual’ journey, not the ‘real world’.

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