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20 Aug 14

Oh, the vulnerability of launching something. Your website. A list-building freebie you want people to opt into. Your new workshop, course, 1-1 service, or product.

On the brink of a launch, there can be so much emotion, so much trepidation. The anxiety can churn around in your tummy; the thoughts can scuttle around in your mind. First thing in the morning, last thing at night – the murmurings of hopes and fears.

Pre-launch fears - like diving into waterI hope it won’t fail.

I hope people will “get” it.

What if it’s a damp squib?

What if I’ve got it wrong?

What if their initial enthusiasm fizzles out?

I hope people will notice.

I hope people will like it.

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13 Aug 14

“Urgh, not another email!”

Stressed woman - feels her client is the enemyYou’re busy trying to run and grow your business. You’ve got a To Do list that already feels impossibly overwhelming… and then here in your inbox is yet another email from a client. Nooooo! Not again! Why are they emailing? Their next session isn’t until Tuesday – can’t they manage without you until then?

Perhaps it’s a slightly different scenario that feels this way for you. What causes you to feel like your client – or prospective client – is a burden, a pain, the enemy?

Maybe their energy in sessions is… scratchy. They pay you begrudgingly. Their texts feel suffocating. Their lateness is driving you crazy. The anxiety in their insistent questions puts you on edge.

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06 Aug 14

Great marketing (and business in general) is based on deeply knowing your ideal client.

But who is this person?

What community of people can you call your “Tribe”?

If you’ve struggled to identify who your business serves, and therefore found it hard to reach people who want to pay you, today I’m letting you in on my thought process.

Community around a tableThere are two assumptions I make about the people who I serve through being self-employed. These two assumptions are simple yet powerful. They seem to be opposites – and so finding the meeting place between the two is our key.

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30 Jul 14

What’s it actually like once you’ve battled those initial doubts and taken the leap into working for yourself? What do successfully self-employed people wish they’d known from the start?

Lesley Pyne Taking the LeapLesley Pyne had been working for herself for a while, but knew deep down that her calling was to help a particular group of women. To do that, she needed to find the courage to share her own story. Here, Lesley tells us about feeling lost and getting vulnerable – and the rewards that followed.

When I started out I was coaching women in midlife, but what I really wanted to do was support childless women. The fear of telling my own story and sharing what I’d learned held me back.

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23 Jul 14

“I’m starting to get out there. I’ve got a website, I’m communicating… but where are all my clients? I don’t get enquiries, let alone people actually paying. There’s no sign of them. I’m starting to wonder if anyone’s actually out there!”

Many self-employed men and women hit this question at some point in their journey. They’ve been working hard, creating something they’re proud of, and now they’re wondering why they seem to be invisible – why they still don’t have clients.

The answer likely comes down to understanding the sales flow. The process of someone going from total stranger to becoming your paying client is often a multi-step, winding journey – but many business owners don’t realise that. They imagine that a stranger stumbles upon them and immediately wants to either do business with them… or ignore them.

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