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29 Jul 15

Training to do what you love is a big investment – both in terms of money and time.

Then, once you’re trained, there comes the realisation that – uh oh – clients don’t just turn up on your doorstep. There’s this pesky thing called “marketing” to master.

A desk - what tech tools do you need?But in order to do that marketing, and in order to share the thing you’re trained in, and in order to run your passion as a business, a lot seems to ride on using technology.

Which tech tools to use?

Rather than you having to reinvent the wheel, I’ve put together a handy 7-page guide of the tech tools I’ve used over the last ten years of being self-employed.

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22 Jul 15

Madeleine Forbes Taking The LeapOn this week’s taking the leap, we’re hearing from our very own Community Angel, Madeleine Forbes. Joining You Inspire Me was Madeleine’s first step into self-employment. Since then she’s dived into running her own business as a writer and editor at, and has made the most of her location-independent freedom by starting a new life in the hills of Central Portugal. This is her story.

Academic success used to be what drove me. I worked hard at school and achieved my dream of studying English at Oxford. Unconsciously, I chose a path where approval from others was my goal. Eventually, inevitably, that became exhausting.

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15 Jul 15

Woman looking at water - wondering if it's enough to love what you do?Loving what you do can only be a good thing, right?

You’ve found something that lights you up, something you want to share with everyone.

Coaching, massage, yoga, EFT.

WordPress, a gluten-free diet, Five Rhythms, eco-design.

It’s something you’re so passionate about, you want to shout it from the rooftops and you’d like clients to pay you to share it with them.

And yet the very fact that you love it may be the very thing preventing you from sharing it effectively. Loving what you do may be the very thing that’s putting people off paying you to do it.

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08 Jul 15

Corrina writing a guest blogI often get asked for tips and tricks for guest blogging.

It’s one thing to write for your own blog. It’s your online home and you can connect intimately with your prospective clients and help them take the next steps towards your paid-for product or service – but even once you’ve got the hang of that, guest-blogging can remain elusive.

It’s no wonder that it’s a goal for many self-employed people. Basically, someone else has done all the work of building up an audience, capturing hundreds if not thousands of keen readers for you, and you get to swan in with 800 words and gain instant access to them. Minimal effort, maximum reach – who wouldn’t want that?

But while guest-blogging can be a very smart move, how do you get accepted in the first place?

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01 Jul 15

It’s horrible to feel you’re falling behind.

fear_falling_behindMaybe you’re chatting with a friend you trained with and she’s telling you how many clients she’s got, or how she’s been invited to give a talk, or how she’s just been published in a prestigious publication. You notice your stomach sink as you believe the thought “You’re moving so much faster than me!” or “I’m being left behind”.

I notice many areas of my life where I run the story that “I need to keep up”. For example, I’m currently on the journey towards being a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and one of the requirements is that we serve 120 hours of voluntary facilitation on the Do The Work Helpline.

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