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22 Oct 14

Most of us know what company offices look like. We’ve worked in them ourselves, we’ve seen them on TV.

But what do our working spaces look like when we decide to work for ourselves?

If you’ve ever wanted to sneak a peek into someone else’s home, or if you’ve ever wondered what self-employment looks like for others, then today you’re in for a treat.

I invited my Passion to Profit adventurers and my colleagues and clients on Facebook and Twitter to submit a photo of their space. Here’s what they shared.

How does your garden grow?

Some love that self-employment provides an opportunity to be in or surrounded by nature. We’ve got garden offices, rooms with views, and outdoor working spaces.

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15 Oct 14

What’s it actually like once you’ve battled those initial doubts and started working for yourself? What have successfully self-employed people learned from taking the leap?

Kelly Brooks YogaWhen Kelly Brooks found her passion and decided to quit the “safety” of employment once and for all, she didn’t hold back. Here’s what she’s learned since starting her London yoga business.

I wish I’d been honest with myself 5 years ago. I wasn’t happy. I had gone through the education route my parents suggested, got a Business Degree, and taken a safe job in a big firm working in HR. But I hadn’t checked inwards to find out what would make me happy and feel valued in a job.

Realizing that, and investing in coaching, was the turning point that made me realize I could make my yoga dream happen. With my coach I worked through what it would be like to be self-employed. From there I booked flights to India to train to become a teacher. Having hated writing, I started a yoga blog to voice my journey. My first blog took me a whole day to write; now I can write and post a short blog in less than 30 minutes.

I didn’t know until I got back from India whether I could actually become a yoga teacher. But I had given up so much that I had to make it work. I had no house, no finances and did not want to go back to my office job.

Desperate to make it work

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08 Oct 14

Facebook logo: How can it lead to clients?So, you’ve got a Facebook Page. People are starting to “Like” your Page, and some of your statuses are getting likes and comments – maybe even a share or two – but so far, none of it seems to be working to lead to clients.

It’s incredibly normal for self-employed people to make a start with a Facebook Page and then get stuck around the 100 Likes mark. The reason that you get 100? The reason those 100 don’t buy from you?

Those 100 people are your friends

When we create a Facebook Page, the logical first step is to invite our existing Facebook Profile friends to “Like” our Page. And because they love us and care about our business taking off, they’ll politely accept our invitation and hit “Like”.

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01 Oct 14

Looming shadow: Marketing can feel manipulative“I don’t want to come across as manipulative” – it’s probably the #1 reason why we self-employed folk hold back from marketing ourselves full-out.

We stop ourselves from becoming highly skilled at marketing, as if we were resisting the temptation of being inducted into the dark art.

What are we worried about? Today, I’m breaking down three of the myths I see about marketing, so that we can be free to communicate with the community who needs us and be joyfully and sustainably self-employed.

Marketing Myth #1: We’re bringing out people’s insecurities

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24 Sep 14

Top Ten Self-Employment BlogsWhen you choose to go self-employed, it’s normal to seek guidance and support. What do others wish they’d known from the start? What could make your journey easier, more enjoyable? What will give you the best possible chance of success – and happiness?

Last week, I published my 200th blog post. Next month, I’ll celebrate my 10th year in self-employment – so it feels like the perfect time to round up the top blogs I’ve shared over the years, that have helped men and women like you to go – and stay – happily self-employed.

Some are practical, step-by-step action plans. Some give light-bulb moments and make aspects of marketing clearer, more fun or more doable. And in others, I’m getting passionate and putting a stake in the ground – on behalf of all who choose the self-employed path.

You’re doing such important work, so consider these ten gifts: to support you every step along the way. I’d love to hear which helps you the most.

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