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04 Mar 15

Marketing has a bad reputation. It’s the unwelcome guest who gets asked to leave.

doorRecently, I saw this happen on a Facebook group; someone had posted a link to their workshop and immediately indignant comments appeared beneath the post: “Promotions aren’t welcome”, “This is a community space”, “You can’t do your marketing here.”

An image comes to mind… We’re all huddled in the Ye Olde Worlde pub, safe and warm, enjoying our beverages, when the door blows open; in steps Marketing, bringing with her the biting cold air. The atmosphere chills. Conversations freeze. Smiles turn to frowns. The guests look at each other disapprovingly.

There’s no room here for you. Your kind aren’t welcome round here. You have to leave.

Are you prejudiced against Marketing?

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25 Feb 15

Taking The Leap: Miriam LindermanMiriam Linderman is a certified emotional eating and body image coach working in Vancouver, Canada. This is her story of taking the leap into self-employment.

I had two distinct breakthrough moments of realizing that I wanted to earn money coaching. The first was when I was in a coach training class practising with a partner. My intuition and creativity hit the mark so easily, gave me so much joy and produced such a wonderful result, that I wanted more.

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18 Feb 15

One of the most painful moments on the self-employment journey is when you want people to buy… and they don’t.

See if any of these scenarios feels familiar to you.

Scenario 1: The workshop, conference or event

When you need them to buyMichael’s yoga workshop is meant to be happening a week on Friday. He’d started planning for it months ago and has spent time and money on flyers, Facebook ads and promo videos.

He has always imagined a room full of at least 20 enthusiastic yoga students, stretching into their practice, connecting with the other participants, enjoying lunch together… but right now, only two places have sold and he’s in full-throttle panic that nobody else will buy.

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11 Feb 15

How’s your website working for you? Is your website bringing in clients?

In the early days of growing a business, many of us rely on word of mouth to bring new clients our way. Then at some point, we decide to create a website so we can reach beyond our immediate circle of contacts.

Tools: What do you need if your website's not bringing in clients?But while your website might be quite attractive, telling people what you do and sharing your contact details, the problem for many self-employed people is that it simply doesn’t work – in other words, you’re not getting clients through your website.

From word of mouth, yes. Through your website? No.

For many self-employed people, your website is as good as useless. It simply doesn’t do the job.

It’s tempting to jump straight to a redesign. If only it were brighter, if only the font were larger, if only the imagery were more professional – then it’d work.

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04 Feb 15

It’s all well and good for people like me to talk about setting your prices resonantly and trusting your intuition, but what if you live in an area where the local economy is struggling?

Expensive shopping: but can you charge high prices?Where I live (in Cambridge, England), I can nip down to one of the several busy shopping centres and immediately witness men and women spending £100’s and £1,000’s of pounds on what they want. I can hop on a train to central London, where I’ll see shopping bag after shopping bag emerging from Selfridges or Hamleys or even Harrods.

So it’s easy for me to believe in a world where people spend money to meet their wants and needs and where self-employed men and women can charge good, healthy prices – but what if you live somewhere entirely different? You might feel frustrated when you hear me say, “People will pay whatever you charge”. “No!” you insist. “There are real factors involved and nobody charges that much in my village.”

Keeping with the local pricing status quo

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