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17 Sep 14

If you play around in the online marketing field for long enough, you’ll start seeing a lot of exclamation marks after numbers. “I’ve just had my first 5-figure month!!!!!!” “I’ve just had a $80,000 launch!!!!!!!!!!”, “OMG my list just exploded to 20,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ah, it’s wonderful to witness your community grow. And yes, it’s fantastic to impact more people and receive an income that allows you to sustain yourself and keep doing the work you love.

And what I’ve noticed is that focusing on numbers can sometimes draw our awareness away from the human beings that those numbers represent.

And what I’ve been noticing more and more recently is that one human being is so big.

What “one client” really means

Have you ever uttered these words?

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10 Sep 14

What’s it actually like once you’ve battled those initial doubts and started working for yourself? What have successfully self-employed people learned from taking the leap?

Katrin Heuser: Taking the Leap into self-employmentKatrin Heuser has experienced something familiar to so many of us: the surprise of family and friends at the decision to leave behind what seemed like a stable career, to run her own business. Now running her yoga and massage business in London, here she opens up about her path to self-employment, and the mindset shift from her family that allowed her to give herself permission to thrive.

I left home at 21 to work for many years in the media and digital industry. I was good at my job, I earned decent money and had great prospects. And then I gave it all up to run my own yoga and well-being business. I can appreciate why this was not easy for my dad to understand.

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03 Sep 14

You may well have spotted that self-employment is worth it… but not always easy. Self-doubts, fear of rejection, isolation, anxiety, overwhelm – it can get so stressful that we may consider throwing in the towel.

For some of us, it goes even further – we find ourselves wanting to throw in the towel on life itself. In this video, special guest Hannah Braime is sharing the darkest point in her journey – when she finally admitted to herself how unhappy she was.

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27 Aug 14

Today, I’m releasing the power from one of our most beloved excuses for staying stuck. If you’d prefer to stay cosy with the status quo, please don’t read any further.

The excuse? “I can’t afford it”.

When we’re self-employed, or thinking about taking that leap, there are lots of things we might hold ourselves back from doing because we think “I can’t afford it”.

Counting Money: Can't Afford it?Hiring a web developer.

Hiring an assistant.

Enrolling in a training course.

Paying for professional headshots.

Travelling to a conference.

Joining a networking group.

But here’s the test

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20 Aug 14

Oh, the vulnerability of launching something. Your website. A list-building freebie you want people to opt into. Your new workshop, course, 1-1 service, or product.

On the brink of a launch, there can be so much emotion, so much trepidation. The anxiety can churn around in your tummy; the thoughts can scuttle around in your mind. First thing in the morning, last thing at night – the murmurings of hopes and fears.

Pre-launch fears - like diving into waterI hope it won’t fail.

I hope people will “get” it.

What if it’s a damp squib?

What if I’ve got it wrong?

What if their initial enthusiasm fizzles out?

I hope people will notice.

I hope people will like it.

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