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20 May 15

“Facebook’s great for business”, they say. But you don’t get it. It’s not leading to clients for you.

FB-f-Logo__blue_144You share things on your Facebook Profile but you know most of your friends and family aren’t likely to pay for your services, and you don’t want to annoy them, plus you’ve heard Facebook might shut down your profile if you use it too frequently for business.

So you create a Facebook Page for your business and try to build up the number of Likes, but they’re slow-coming and anything you share only gets shown to a tiny percentage of your followers anyway.

Where’s all this good-for-business activity happening on Facebook?

You wonder if maybe people are talking about paying for Facebook ads. And yes, you can certainly do that – but there’s another feature of Facebook that can support your intention to help more clients that doesn’t cost money and that many self-employed people overlook. You might already be using this feature, but not making the most of it for your business yet.

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13 May 15

an angry person - but I want you to criticize me“You’re intimidating.”

“You rush.”

“I feel like I’m just another tick on your To Do list.”

“You don’t listen.”

“You’re not very gentle.”

“You’re boring. You’re wrong. You’re selfish. You’re manipulative. You’re just in it for the money.”

What’s the worst thing someone could say about you?

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06 May 15

Along your self-employment path, you’ll no doubt hear the advice to start blogging.

Hmm. You’re not convinced. You get that blogging could be a nice creative outlet, but as a business marketing strategy – really?

Corrina Gordon-Barnes bloggingHere’s what I know. Blogging is the #1 way I’ve grown my business over the years. If I imagine removing blogging from my weekly activities, I can’t imagine how I’d get anywhere near the number of participants on my online courses, and when I think back to when I was mostly doing 1-1 coaching work, I can’t imagine how I’d have been so full with clients for years.

But with so many ways to market yourself when you’re self-employed, it’s wise to check an approach is going to be worth the time and energy before you dive in. Just because blogging has worked so well for me, will it do the same for you?

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29 Apr 15

Person looking confused - setting your prices can feel like thisSetting your prices when you’re self-employed can feel confusing. You don’t want to undercharge and feel you’re doing yourself a disservice; you don’t want to overcharge and price yourself out of the market or alienate prospective clients.

But let’s say you’ve gone through the process of setting your prices and landed on a number that feels good to you; it’s resonant, fair, healthy and you feel confident it’d allow you to run your business profitably.

What happens if someone then disputes your price, turns away horrified or asks for a discount?

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22 Apr 15

“I’m not sure the timing is quite right”, she says. “I’ll join the course next time.”

“Sure”, I reply with a smile, “I’m not going anywhere.”

It was true for years. As I fell in love with marketing, business, self-employment and the client-finding process, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, ever.

I created courses – group journeys – that brought together the best of what I knew and I saw this continuing indefinitely. I’d found my niche, my home, my resting place.

And then something shifted. Last year, I went to Germany to participate in the School for the Work with Byron Katie. The experience was transformative and catalysed a renewed fascination with the inner world.

What’s happening behind the scenes on our self-employment journeys?

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