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08 Jan 14

14 Self-Employment Mantras For 2014

2014It’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it.

It’s how you think it.

It’s the mindset. The decisions.

So with 2014 a blank slate, what’s the mindset for successful self-employment? What are the decisions to keep you sane along the path?

Today, I’m sharing 14 all-important mantras for the year ahead. Powerful perspectives to write on your whiteboard or include in your diary, slip into your pocket or assign as screensavers. Mind-grooves that will transform your experience of self-employment and allow you to help more paying clients.


1. Your clients are already looking for you.

Right now, your ideal clients are living with the knowledge of their needs or yearnings; they are searching for a solution, without yet knowing that you are the one to provide it. Be ready to be found.

2. You already have a niche (even if you don’t realise it).

You naturally resonate with certain people. Who do you feel at home with? Who falls in love with you? Where does it feels easy? Those people are your niche, your Tribe. Embrace them, claim them as who you’re here to serve.

3. It’s not generous to work for free.

By earning a healthy living doing the work you love, you make yourself more available for those who need your help. The most generous thing you can do is to find ways of being profitable through following your calling.

4. Marketing is your duty when you offer something which helps or heals.

If people don’t know about you, they can’t get your help. Stop being the world’s best kept secret.

5. People don’t care about you as much as you’d like.

You’re huge in your own world but tiny in theirs. People are busy; don’t expect them to have seen every one of your emails or blogs or social statuses. If you want to get your message across, repeat yourself in different ways, through different channels.

6. Self-employment does not mean by-yourself-employment.

Turn Your Passion To ProfitChoosing to follow your passion does not mean you have to work in isolation. Reach out, connect, share the journey with like-minded others.

7. No-one said it would be easy. They said it would be worth it.

If it were easy, everybody would be doing it. You’re taking this path because it’s your calling and you want to make the world a better place, for you and for those you help. Work hard. Be proud.

8. Sell them what they want, give them what they need.

Get into the mindset of your ideal client. Use their language, not your jargon. What are they looking for? Make it obvious how you’re a match.

9. Your calling doesn’t just happen once and disappear.

If it’s your calling, it’s calling every day – so tune in daily to hear that call. Meditate, pray, journal, go for a walk – whatever gets you connected to your highest self and wisdom. All your answers come from there.

10. Meditation is less about stilling the mind, and more about dropping into the stillness that is already there.

So, don’t push. Don’t try so hard. And likewise: don’t try to create a client base; drop into the client base that is already there, waiting, looking for you.

11. Don’t try to find clients. Get yourself in position to be found.

As your ideal clients are already looking for you, and you’re selling what they already know they need, make sure you’re visible in their hangouts – both online and offline. Not sure where they are? Do research. (Module 2 of Passion to Profit.)

12. Fire… then aim.

Don’t wait to get it right. Done is the new perfect. Nothing is forever. This is not your forever niche, your forever website or your forever price. Do something that’s good enough for now and then iterate and iterate.

13. If it’s all going wrong, it’ll make a great blog.

People will love learning from your mistakes. Turn your crisis into a learning opportunity. Write down your story, record a video, share what you’ve discovered. Let others benefit from your dips and crappy times.

14. The world needs your passion.

It’s no accident that you have the gifts you have and that you care about the things you care about. We need your passion, so do whatever it takes to make sure we can have it.

Over to you

Which of these mantras do you already live by? Which are new? Which of yours can you add to our mix? Leave a comment below, let us know.

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© Corrina Gordon-Barnes 2014

Photo credit: Jon Glittenberg / Flickr / Creative Commons

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  1. Lesley Pyne

    These are all fantastic Corrina & I think i probably aim to live by most, if not all of them,

    No 10, Meditation is something I haven’t explored yet, it’s in my development plan for this year.

    2 other mantras that work for me are:

    Instead of your 14 I prefer ‘The world needs your rainbow’

    And the one that gives me steel and purpose every time is ‘ Show up, be Seen, Own Your Story, Write the Ending’

    I think you’ll know the origin of both.

    1. Corrina

      Lesley – The wonderful Jo Bradshaw? 🙂

      1. Lesley Pyne

        I’m afraid not Corrina, (although Jo does have some great quotes).
        I got the inspiration for Show up etc from the wonderful Brene Brown & the rainbow quote came to me as we were singing ‘True Colours’ at choir. 🙂

        1. Corrina

          Lesley – Well, that is then crazy-weird as Jo made me a gorgeous ‘The World Needs Your Rainbow image as a Christmas gift. How in tune are we?? 🙂

          p.s. Speaking of Rock Choir… did you get an invite to Wembley?

  2. Marieke

    Love these, Corrina! I am currently in the middle of number 12. My Dad, Sister and I launched a pilot program helping new entrepreneurs in the Netherlands find and communicate their stories through a personal glossy (magazine) – we decided not to wait and go for it – even though I have a 6-week old son and am technically on maternity leave. The energy this adventure provides combined with getting to know our new addition fills me with so much energy and gratitude. Here’s to an amazing 2014!!

    1. Corrina

      Marieke – Wow! Here’s to you 🙂

  3. Maurice O'Shea

    A lovely blog, well written and so relevant. Thank you Corrina

  4. Lisa McLoughlin

    Oh wow what a fabulous post to embrace the ‘clean slate’ of the New moon and the New 2014.

    My whole business transformation started in 2013 from the moment you were recommended to me by a coach on the MSc I was doing at time. I read your book, had personal mentoring and completed the blogging masterclass and I am hooked.

    I love seeing the list in this blogpost, as this is the journey of my learning that I have been on with you and other people I have met on the way.

    Some, like meditation, slip off radar occasionally. I particularly felt my heart jump when I read number 7. I still struggle with 11, but its early days.

    The majority of my ‘niche clients’ so far have come from your beautiful tribe Corrina 😉

    I would add ‘Trust the process’ to a list as self employment can feel feast/famine initially and when you are putting all the steps in place..the quiet times can make us (ME) do silly impulsive things to learn more about what I need to do…..when all along it is also about trusting the process and tune in to intuition and not fear when planning out business activities/training etc..

    I fire and aim all the time now and love it!!! Love the mantra as I was a stuck perfectionist in my past life…Thank YOU x

    1. Corrina

      Lisa – Ah, makes my heart SO happy 🙂 Look out for a new blog series we’re starting this year: real stories from self-employed folk, sharing the ups and downs of their journeys…

  5. Kay

    Thank you Corinna, I always enjoy your blogs/emails and find them really helpful. This one has really resonated as I’ve been asked to run 3 hour workshop and how much will I charge, would be so easy to say “oh just give us fifty quid” (or whatever) so now am having a serious rethink!
    All good wishes for 2014 to you.

    1. Corrina

      Kay – Ahhhhh! Resonant pricing all the way. (And congrats on being asked to run the workshop!)

  6. Janice Taylor

    Point 13 makes me laugh, but a really useful and succinct list.

  7. Karen Knott

    Loved this! I put a tick next to most of them Corrina but number 12 really hit the spot for me. As a recovering perfectionist I’m going to be reciting ‘done is the new perfect’ at regular intervals throughout 2014! K x

    1. Corrina

      Karen – I think it was one of the P2P Goldfinches who came up with that one. Genius, right?

  8. Linda Anderson

    Brilliant post, as ever, Corrina, and totally inspiring, thank you!

    They’ve all been pretty much on my list this past year but 12 and 13 will be getting some extra attention in 2014.

    Fear of getting it ‘wrong’ has been one of my biggest stoppers, but I know what you say is true, when things go ‘wrong’ they make perfect material for a blog post – yaay! Done imperfectly is always better than not done at all. So this year I’m giving myself permission to fire with gay abandon and aim at my leisure. Sounds much more like fun 🙂

  9. Danielle Anderson

    Welcome back, Corrina (loving the new photos of you!).

    Thanks for this post. I really liked all of them, but #5 and #9 are particularly relevant for me this week as I again feel some frustrations with the slow speed of things. Lisa’s advice to “trust the process” is also really useful. Do you happen to have a magic wand of patience? 🙂

  10. Maria Kayumi

    Thank you for this Corrina. So clear, simple and powerful. I love number 9 – by the end of last year I was emotionally running around like a headless chicken, because I’d got out of the habit of connecting. I’m taking time now to re-connect (daily!) and my gosh, the difference in how I feel and in the ideas that are coming to the surface is AMAZING! Definitely one to remember!

    1. Corrina

      Maria – So easy to forget, right? I’m so pleased to hear you’re back into Connection. Happy sigh.

  11. claire

    Happy New Year!

    All of them! Each and every single one!

    Thank you for this lovely reminder – I’ll be referring to it often in 2014.


  12. Michelle

    Some really great insight here. I would add one more that I am working on this year: Enjoy the ride!

  13. Rosie @1manbandaccts

    I daily ground myself with 11 as I have such a lot of going forward energy.

    Numbers 6 and 12 are what I am concentrating on this year. Producing content and creating community.

  14. Ana Goncalves

    Happy New Year Corrina,

    Great to hear from you again. Love your post, thank you for sharing your most powerful intentional mantras. I love them and they are very supportive. I have been feeling into the realization of mantra 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13 and 14 through the end of last year and into this year and notice the truth and impact these realizations have in my life and how trusting my intuition has led me back into understanding the flow and beauty of the journey. They have all made me realize the impact I have in the world and the power and potential of where I am at and how intricately tied together it all is in my business. Very powerful realizations these mantras have all been and am truly grateful for arriving at the awareness of these insights. They have shifted my perspective and the way I see myself in Business and just how meaningful and powerful I am in the world of service.

    At the moment I am still honing in on mantra 8, and will be receiving some support around it next week which will greatly help the next phase in my life.

    Thank you so much for everything you have done and you are doing!

    You are an inspiration and continue to ignite meaningfulness and passion into my life with each new blog post read.

    Have a wonderful abundant, happy and joyful New Year

    With love x


    1. Corrina

      Ana – Bless you, it’s so wonderful to have you here 🙂

  15. Ann Brown

    Corinna, thank you for sharing your wisdom, I love them all!
    I particularly need to remember number 5 and 11 – this year I’ll be working on being more visible (and not worrying that people will be fed up hearing from me … an old record I play frequently 😉 )
    I love your phrase “repeat yourself in different ways, through different channels.” – that’s my aim for this year.
    And I’ll aim for a number 12 as well (still a perfectionist at heart – but fighting my way up and out!)
    So glad to be part of your community Corinna, and still really feeling the value of your blogging course!
    Ann 🙂

    1. Corrina

      Ann – We’ll never get fed up of hearing from you! So delighted you’ll be with us for the Passion to Profit journey too 🙂

  16. Chris Durrant

    Thanks for this post Corrina. Inspiring as always.

    Number 1 needs to be my number 1 priority. I have to remember that people out there are looking for me but I need to make it easier for them to find me. That’s what I am going to work on this year…

    Danielle, thanks for your blog ‘how to make it work in 2014’. Really solid helpful advice.

  17. Annette Burrell

    Wonderful mantras. I love the way you reframe ideas slightly and it changes the whole energy of it. Marketing a duty! I had been worrying about the niche idea and now you put it so simply. I tell myself it doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it’s right for me. And I do know that stillness is always inside me and that the more I allow it to be present, the more I am present to possibilities. I take on board the idea of getting myself in a position to be found – rather than getting people to come. Thank you.


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