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Hey, I’m Corrina Gordon-Barnes.

Corrina Gordon-BarnesCorrina Gordon-BarnesCorrina Gordon-Barnes

When I trained as a coach back in 2004, I got paying clients immediately. I chatted to people, I was enthusiastic, they hired me.

But I only knew so many people. And word of mouth only spread so far.

So I started reading newsletters about marketing, niching, blogging, email lists, WordPress sites. I gobbled it all up and got busy, putting my new insights into action.

As my community grew, and as I earned enough money to go full-time self-employed, my clients and coaching colleagues started to ask: “How are you doing that? I want more clients. I want to get paid a healthy amount for what I do. I want to make a go of it with self-employment.”

So I started teaching what I knew… and I did so until December 2015.

If you’re talented and want to share your gifts with others, you’re in the right place. This website exists as a community resource, making it easier for you to have both the impact you’re here for and the income that enables that.

As of 18th December 2015, I no longer actively run this business. See this final blog post and this earlier announcement blog post to understand why.

I don’t know how long the resources here will remain available so do invest in the Blog for Clients self-study course and the Turn Your Passion to Profit book, and make use of the free resources, while they’re still here.

Rebecca Campbell

Corrina has the most amazing fierceness about her which is both gentle and piercingly direct all at the same time.

She has the openheartedness of a loving friend and the assertiveness of a high school principal.

– Rebecca Campbell, The Spirited Project

What I want for you

I want people to give you money. Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of pounds on yoga, Shiatsu, coaching, homeopathy, health kinesiology, Five Rhythms, website design, holistic massage, psychotherapy, business support, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), acupuncture, The Work, osteopathy, photography, Craniosacral therapy, raw food, sound healing and reflexology.

I know what has made it easy for me to spend money. I know why someone would want to give money to a service professional – in other words, why people are happy to pay for what you are offering.

I believe the self-employed path can be joyful and that if you serve others and contribute from your heart, there’s immeasurable support available for you.

Abby Kerr

Corrina is one of my favorite teachers of profitable, sustainable, and integrity-filled business practices.

– Abby Kerr,

Some credentials

Certified Professional Co-active CoachI’m a certified professional co-active coach, trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Before that, I trained at Cambridge University to become an English and Drama teacher.

I’ve been paid for over 1,350 coaching hours. I’ve worked with over two hundred paying coaching clients, plus hundreds more workshop and programme participants.

I’m also facilitate The Work of Byron Katie, serving as a volunteer on the Do The Work Helpline.

Picture of Nick KettlesI’ve yet to meet a person like Corrina Gordon Barnes, as consistently committed to the realization of others full potential.

Through You Inspire Me and her brilliant Turn Your Passion to Profit program, she has become the guardian angel of innerpreneurs, those people who want their business to be authentic, ethical, exciting and profitable at the same time.

Ever willing to lead from her own experience, Corrina courageously shows it’s possible to have a business which nourishes the soul, makes a contribution to the world, and provides a sustainable income.

I believe her integrity, big heart and indefatigable energy, will continue to spearhead this movement for many years to come.

Nick Kettles,

And the rest of life

Corrina Gordon-Barnes wifeWhen you’re passionate about what you do, self-employment can be all-absorbing. What drags me away from the laptop?

My wife, Sam; we’ve been married since 2008. We’re based in Cambridge, UK.

Also: decluttering; making smoothies in my Vitamix; cycling – especially along a river; The Cambridge Chalk Pit – being alone in such expansiveness; dancing – I don’t drink yet I’m always first up on the podium; dinner parties – my offerings tend to be one-pot stews and soups; visiting beloved friends and family; picking up my niece and nephew from school – those sparkly eyes when they come out trailing book bags.

Cut-And-Paste Bio

Corrina Gordon-Barnes wants to live in a world where marketing is fun, clients turn up easily, and money flows to those who do work that helps and heals.

As a certified coach, marketing teacher and self-employment champion, she’s been featured on MindBodyGreen, The Daily Muse, LifeByMe and MarketingForHippies and published in The Ecologist, OM Yoga, Diva, and The London Paper. She’s author of Turn Your Passion to Profit: a step-by-step guide to getting your business off the ground.

When she’s not writing blogs and teaching courses, you can find her reading chick-lit, making vegan blueberry cheesecake, and trying to catch her niece and nephew on the monkey bars.

Take her self-study training course – Blog for Clients – and read her book – Turn Your Passion to Profit – to discover how to stay happy and profitable on the self-employment path at

Meet the Team

Over the years, I was supported by three incredible human beings to grow the business and reach more people. We were four Brits who eventually ended up spread across four countries (England, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Portugal) enjoying the location freedom of self-employment. Skype was our best friend but there was extra joy when we got together in person.

You Inspire Me TeamJo Bradshaw, Madeleine Forbes, Corrina Gordon-BarnesDaniel Paterson, Madeleine Forbes, Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Madeleine Forbes
Community Support Angel

Photo of Madeleine ForbesEnsuring you have everything you need and keeping this website sparkly and up to date is Madeleine Forbes of

In between tending the inbox and polishing the blog archive, you’d find her happily ensconced in an earthbag house in Portugal where she drinks tea, writes and cycles. Not yet simultaneously.

One quirky thing I love about Madeleine: Her culinary experimentations including (apparently delicious) yoghurt soup.

Daniel James Paterson
Tech Genius

Daniel James PatersonDaniel – a.k.a. DJP – has been passionately involved since 2009 providing technical stewardship to ensure this website and the online course training sites run smoothly.

Currently living in Bali, he’s passionate about all things social enterprise. And he cycles. A lot.

One quirky thing I love about DJP: He’s a walking Wikipedia, able to educate me about peak-end theory, minimal viable products and Dr Who regenerations.

Jo Bradshaw
Creative Chief

Jo BradshawMany of the images you’ll see on this website, my Facebook Page, blogs and within the Blog for Clients self-study course were custom-designed by Jo Bradshaw of

When she’s not getting creative with paints and crayons, Jo is busy growing organic vegetables and making houses out of mud in Bulgaria.

One quirky thing I love about Jo: Her enthusiasm for children’s fiction including our shared favourite – Matilda – and she’s even now writing her own children’s novel. Watch this space.

What now?

Feeling at home? Most excellent.

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