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18 Dec 13

The Best Way To Finish Your Year

At various points on the self-employment journey, it’s very normal to ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?!”

Running your own business is certainly not the easiest path in the world. If it were, everyone would be taking it.

It takes courage, persistence and the willingness to be visible and vulnerable. It takes commitment, acceptance of the unknown and humility. It takes an openness to fall just a little bit in love with marketing.

Thank you signBut no matter how challenging the path, there are two words I cannot hear without feeling inspired. Two words that reignite my motivation, give meaning to all the turbulence, and fuel me for the next steps.

Can you guess what those two words are?

Thank you

Over the years, I’ve found my positivity gobbled up by self-doubts on numerous occasions. I’ve got stuck in dips, lost the vision and considered throwing in the towel. I’ve fallen out of touch with what it’s all about.

And then I get an email or a message on Facebook or a tweet which includes these two simple yet extraordinarily powerful words: THANK YOU.

What do those words do for you?

For me, those two words make it all worthwhile. They say:

You’re making a difference.

Because of you, something in my life is better/easier/less stressful/more joyful.

You’re useful. You’re helpful.

Thank you for showing up.

Thank you for existing.

And so my invitation to you is to finish your year by giving this gift to someone who’s walking the self-employed path.

“Thank you” gets super-power-charged when you get specific. So, I’ll kick us off with a template you can borrow.

Little Nomads jewelleryThank you for existing: Penelope, crafty jeweller at Little Nomad.

A few specific things I appreciate about you:
– Every email we exchanged was full of love and goodwill.
– Your pricing was clear and made sense and you were upfront about it, I didn’t have to ask for it.
– Your handwritten note in the parcel felt personal and heart-to-heart.
– You were true to your word about when the parcel would arrive. You kept me up to date in all our communications so it felt we were in it together.

The difference you’ve made in someone else’s world:
– My partner will be thrilled and delighted with the hand-crafted Christmas earrings. (Shhh… nobody tell her!)
– You’ve saved me hours of trawling the internet looking for just the right gift.
– I felt cherished as a brand-new customer and excited about how easy and enjoyable gift-finding can be.

So, over to you

Let’s use this space to celebrate the wonderful individuals who, through choosing self-employment, are enriching the lives of others.

A massage therapist, a coach, a raw chocolate maker, an EFT practitioner, a WordPress developer, a dog trainer – who made a difference to your year?

Tell us about them in the comments section below; finish your year with gratitude. (And then send them the link to this blog so they can come and be wowed by how appreciated they are.) I can’t wait to see who we’re celebrating.

Your turn next year?

If you want to be acknowledged for touching lives but currently feel like the world’s best kept secret, then this is your last chance to get front of queue for the Passion to Profit training course. We’re opening enrollment very soon and being on this list will give you early access, plus a special price. Join the list here.


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© Corrina Gordon-Barnes 2013

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  1. Chava Eichner

    I LOVE this post! You’re absolutely right and I would like to use this space to say a very big thank you to Tim Barford from Yaoh!

    Vegfest is one of my favourite dates in the calendar. When I walked into the Bristol festival site this year I felt overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude. These festivals take a huge amount of energy and love to organise and they help so many people learn about a cruelty-free lifestyle. And in London I got to meet you Corrina, which has been a real blessing in so many ways.

    For me it’s a wonderful opportunity to actually meet my clients from all round the country face-to-face. Most of my photography is commissioned and we tend to communicate via email or telephone. But to have all these great people come together in one place is a real gift for me.
    Thank you Tim, you and your team are fab! I look forward to doing it all again in 2014 🙂

    1. Corrina Gordon-Barnes

      Chava – YES! The VegFest team have an amazing vision – and the amount of delicious vegan samples we walked away with was off-the-charts 😉

      And I’m so happy to have met you.

  2. Victoria

    Brilliant post Corrina! You’re so right about how ‘thank you’ is such a special phrase. This has been the first year where I’ve received emails from people from across the world thanking me for sharing my advice and wisdom with them. Whenever I’ve had tough days, nothing has changed my feelings and thoughts more than seeing a thank you email in my inbox. Gratitude is everything and when we express it it really impacts others.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas Corrina and thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    1. Corrina Gordon-Barnes

      Victoria – Yes, I think we so often underestimate the power of reaching out and sending that email – it can absolutely make someone’s day/week/month/year 🙂

      A very merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Helen

    Wonderful and an inspirational post Corrina, ‘Thank You’ has to be the strongest, but the simpliest phrase out there and easy to remember along with making a huge difference in someone’s day and life.

    So, Thank You Corrina and Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas

  4. Nancy

    Another wonderful post, Corrina! And here’s my thanks to you…
    Thank you Corrina for creating an excellent program to support folks in launching their own businesses. I was in the very first PTP program and I am still drawing on the learning. Keep up the great work! And Merry Christmas to you and Sam!

    1. Corrina Gordon-Barnes

      Nancy! You and your fellow Passion to Profit Robins hold a very special place in my heart 🙂

  5. Stephanie O'Brien

    Corrina! This is so true and the power of “thank you” is often underestimated or valued. I want to thank Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work you love. Working directly with him and following his work has taught me that being relentlessly optimistic and generous is where true success lies.

    1. Corrina Gordon-Barnes

      Ooh thanks for sharing that author/book/site, Stephanie – sounds like it could be a useful resource for others in this community. Blessings to you.

  6. Linda Anderson

    Dear Corrina

    Another absolutely inspiring post!

    You have to be top of my ‘thank you’ list this year, not only for the steady stream of thought-provoking, horizon-widening blog posts that have regularly landed in my inbox and cheered my day, but also for creating this wonderful community of like-minded people where I can feel at home and know that I’m not totally alone on my self-employment journey.

    The Passion to Profit and Blogging courses have also made a tremendous difference to my journey and I really appreciate the open-hearted, clear way you share your knowledge and expertise.

    Thank you also to all the wonderful people I’ve come into contact with at the Tibits meet-ups – I feel blessed to be a part of this community and to have you in my life.

    Happy Christmas everyone! Enjoy your blogging break, Corrina!

    With love


    1. Corrina Gordon-Barnes

      I feel blessed to have YOU in my life, Linda. You always bring such cheer and warmth.

      And you say you feel “at home” in this You Inspire Me community and I breathe a happy sigh. Yes, yes, yes. 🙂

  7. claire

    Lovely reminder – thankyou!
    I’d like to say how grateful I am to two women who have helped me this year. One is a graphic artist, who has (and is) working on some amazing branding for me – her name is Marbel Canseco (from and she is an absolute genius when it comes to illustrating, colour and design. The other person is Marcela Macias (from, who is a food photographer, and has helped me turn recipes into works of art. Both are also incredibly kind, clever and helpful women, and I am super pleased to have met them this year.
    And I’d like to thank all you lovely people here – I am continually inspired by you all!

    1. Corrina Gordon-Barnes

      Ooh Claire – I’m looking forward to the big reveal 🙂 Thanks for all the inspirational comments you’ve shared here over the years!

      1. claire

        I can’t wait for it all to come out – one is the big programme that was tinkering away in my mind for ages, and then I started to think I might be able to do (thanks in a huge way to you) and then I finally realised that not only could I do it, but that I should do it, and that I’d just need to be brave (thanks again to you) and now it is all in progress.
        I might be a slow starter, but thanks to your wise words and inspiration, I am finally getting there.
        Thank you – and I hope you enjoy opening all those pressies that Sam has got for you!

  8. Daniel (You Inspire Me)

    Here’s a heartfelt duel “thank you!” to You Inspire Me’s two new self-employed team members of 2013 – Madeleine Forbes and Jo Bradshaw – for their vigorous and passionate support of our business.

    Madeleine runs our tech operations with joy and ease, and is the angel at the intersection of our content, community and systems. She brightens up even the most mind-boggling email thread.

    Jo is the perfect tech:design sparring partner and her stunning design work is taking our three sites to a whole new amazing level. Her new Passion to Profit graphics are stunning.

    Thank you, both of you, for joining the You Inspire Me family. I’m very much looking forward to what You Inspire Me – and Team You Inspire Me – will accomplish in the new 365!

    Tech & Tacticals @ You Inspire Me

    Oops, check out the crazy-crazy circular reference that’ll appear below 😉

    1. Corrina

      Daniel – YES! I cannot say THANK YOU enough times to the three of you. It’s the dream team, baby 🙂

  9. Lisa McLoughlin

    Thank you for all my believing mirrors who enabled me to explore the light and shine brightly……which especially includes you and Jac xxxxxx

    1. Corrina

      Lisa – And you are a believing mirror for others, and so the journey continues… Thank YOU.

  10. Penelope

    These thank you’s are for two special beings that, without them I don’t know when Little Nomad would have stopped being my dream and started being my reality.

    Corrina, when I started reading your book, I realised that I never believed that I was capable of being self employed and that making jewellery would forever be a treasured hobby. With each page that I read, your words shed me of my own self doubt and in its place, planted endless possibilities which have continued to grow confident and creative. This journey has empowered me as a person and as Little Nomad grows, I grow with it. With all my might, Thank you Corrina

    Madeleine, my dear friend. I cannot say a big enough thank you to you. You have been by my side from the very beginning. You marked the start of my journey when you gave me my map, “Turn Your Passion To Profit” I will remember that day forever. Whenever my confidence wavered, you were there, making me believe once again that I can live the dream, Your enthusiasm and love for Little Nomad recharges me and inspires me to create new treasures. You have always been there Madeleine and you are always with me, I cannot say thank you enough.

    Merry Christmas to all magical beings who are on the joyous road of self employment. May this year end in happiness and the next year be filled with endless possibilities and adventure

    1. Penelope

      Your Little Nomad thank you has filled my heart with such bright joy Corrina. Your words are the perfect way for me to tuck in 2013 and open my heart to 2014. The inspirational power of thank you’s, spread the love.

      1. Madeleine (You Inspire Me)

        Ah, I’m feeling so much love radiating from this page! I think we’re creating a supernova of gratitude!

        It’s what I love most about You Inspire Me: this collective connection, where we’re all supporting each other to take actions – even when they seem scary – to make our dreams reality. It’s something incredibly special to be a part of.

        So my thanks goes to you, the You Inspire Me community. It’s been amazing to meet some of you – whether virtually or in person at the Community Meet-Ups – and I’m looking forward getting to know more of you and growing our numbers even further in 2014.

        Please, keep sharing your gifts with the world.

        Festive brightness to all 🙂


    2. Corrina

      Penelope – ♥ ♥ – I’m so, so glad you read this post and also to hear how you now believe. As one of my best friends says: Live the dream, make it happen. Blessings to you on your path.

  11. Ana Goncalves

    Thank you for a very significant post. Since I have stepped into my power and began the work out in the world emanating my light from within, the very first thing I say after I do something that is new and out of the comfort zone is ‘Thank you’ and I hug myself. It’s the most rewarding and loving thing I can do to myself on this journey.
    I really appreciate your radiance and your passion because you inspired me again after the workshop that I attended. You showed me how important it is to be who we are in the world and share our gifts with others and for that I am truly blessed.
    Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas/Yule Celebration break
    All my love

    1. Corrina

      Ah, Ana, I love hearing about your hugging ritual 🙂 I wish you an ever-expanding comfort zone so you can share your radiance ever-wider.

  12. Kyana Mayfield

    This is such a beautiful post, Corrina.

    Every time I visit your website, you never fail to inspire me and remind me that self-employment was the best decision I could have ever made for myself. I’d like to thank you for continually re-energizing my soul with your insightful posts 🙂

    There are a few other people I’d like to thank: the Fizzle crew – Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves, & Caleb Wojcik (aka the PowerPuff Girls) – for making 2013 one of the most educational years of my life. I’ve learned so much about combining business and creative expression, I don’t think I would have ever gotten the guts to launch my “thing” if it hadn’t been for those guys.

    Here’s to a successful new year for us all!


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