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NEW: The Blog for Clients journey is now available as a self-study training course.


There used to be a full sales page here, outlining exactly why blogging is the best thing you could do for your business.

That page came down because, as you may already know, I decided to journey onwards from teaching marketing. The live Blog for Clients course ran for the final time and then the doors closed.

And then people started emailing me, dropping me messages on Facebook and saying to me: I’m so gutted I missed out on that course. I really want to learn how to blog. I’m getting how powerful it is for business, how it’s so effective at connecting with prospective clients and how it can inspire them to actually hire me (or buy from me). PLEASE run your course again!

I kept saying a polite no – until very recently. I decided to take the live course material and lovingly wrap it up as a self-study training course for you.

I’m opening the doors for you in a new way – and for the benefit of all the extra clients you’ll get to help as a result.

I think I know you

You have this gift, this talent, this passion. You want to help more people, you’re ready to serve more clients.

You just don’t know how to get connected with them. How to find them, how to reach them, how to have them understand how much you can help them. How to instil trust in them that leaves them willing – EXCITED – to pay you.

You have important things to say. You have wisdom in you, you may just not fully have found its expression yet.

But you can. With the right guidance, you can connect with the people who most need to hear what you have to say – and your words can inspire them to want to be your paying clients.

It’s time.

Exactly what you need

Here’s what you’re getting with this Blog for Clients self-study training course:

(1) Immediate access to the 102-page colour, illustrated PDF. You’ll receive it directly to your inbox and you can get started straight away, moving forward at the pace that suits you.

(2) Extensive links and resources embedded within the course which provide invaluable additional tutorials and guides.

(3) Members-only access to the private Blog for Clients Facebook group. There, you’ll find a supportive community of business owners from around the world, able to answer your questions and give you loving feedback.

The Blog for Clients approach has been tried, tested and enjoyed by hundreds of self-employed men and women; you can read some of their inspirational stories below.

This self-study course is available at £295. This course may not be available, at any price, beyond a certain date – depending on whether this website remains active as my journey takes me in the next direction.

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Your course outline

In Phase 1 (Modules 1-3), you’ll discover:

  • The power of your blog at converting casual readers into paying clients
  • The five surprise bonus benefits of blogging
  • The tried-and-tested method for generating a year’s worth of topics in one sitting
  • The three secret hiding places to source fresh, original blog content
  • Why it’s okay to repeat yourself – and how to do it without boring your readers
  • How to seamlessly integrate sales invitations without sounding sales-y
  • The difference between “seeding” and “calls to action” – and the secret to why you don’t need to hard-sell

In Phase 2 (Modules 4-6), you’ll discover:

  • The proven method for overcoming Blank Screen Syndrome and getting a blog draft written in 30 minutes
  • The surprising truth about blog length – and the mistake most new bloggers make
  • The one factor that determines whether people will read your post to the end or not (hint: forget word count)
  • Exactly what to do with the material you edit out (so none of your wonderful ideas gets lost forever)
  • The pitfalls to avoid when naming your blog posts
  • The Midnight Google Search method for choosing powerful blog titles (and how this helps both your search engine ranking and your readers)

In Phase 3 (Modules 7-9), you’ll discover:

  • The four business-building advantages of including images with your blog posts
  • How to select images for your blog posts (the actual websites you can use)
  • Why including outgoing links is not as foolish as you’ve been told – and the simple tech trick for building reciprocity without losing traffic
  • The #1 key to ensuring return on investment for your blogging efforts
  • How often you really need to write your blog
  • Three simple measures of success in your early blogging days (so you stay motivated and don’t give up too soon)
  • The final essential steps to take before hitting publish

In Phase 4 (Modules 10-12), you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what to do when people aren’t reading, to bring in more blog traffic
  • Where a newsletter and social media fit into the picture
  • Five long-term strategies for building your email list
  • The simple reason why most bloggers don’t get (m)any comments
  • The blogging etiquette of how to respond to comments (without exhausting yourself or undoing the professionalism of a great blog post)
  • How to deal with negative comments and identify trash-able spam
  • How to re-purpose your content (so you’re having more impact for less work)

In Phase 5 (Bonus Modules 1 + 2), you’ll discover:

  • Five ways to fix a blog you’re not happy with and develop your authentic voice
  • The words and phrases you should never use
  • Why brand values matter
  • How to leverage your blogging efforts to get media coverage, guest-blogging & speaking opportunities, and radio interviews
  • How to re-purpose your content (so you’re having more impact for less work)
  • Three important conversations that will sky-rocket your blog reach

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Investing in this self-study course via the Buy Now button signifies agreement to the Terms & Conditions found at the foot of this page.

Become part of a community of inspirational bloggers

Katie Duckworth

I’d been blogging for a while and feeling I wasn’t getting anywhere. It was all rather unfocused and random and although I enjoyed it, I did feel I was probably wasting my time.

I wasn’t sure that blogging would be right for a corporate audience. Would people at work really make time to read them?

I’ve learned that I can write a good blog – a really delightful and encouraging discovery. Also, I’ve now got real clarity on who I’m writing for – bizarrely I’d not been too clear on this before.

I loved immersing myself in all things bloggy over a relatively short space of time. The content in the modules was brilliant. No fluff, no flakiness, just really valuable content. I feel 100 times more confident about getting out there and blogging.

Great course. Absolutely loved it.

– Katie Duckworth, Coach & Trainer, London and beyond, Be The Change

Matt Fox Blog for Clients

As a therapist, I wondered whether the approach would be geared more to those who work as coaches or in other types of practice which are less about crisis. I saw blogging as a potential draw for prospective clients but wasn’t sure how to do that systematically and consistently.

I’ve now found a way to tie therapy, writing and nature into my writing without it feeling forced. I’ve learnt how to structure my blogs and how to title them effectively. I’m really pleased to have a firm plan now for my next 6 months of blogging and I also took the plunge to go out there with a declaration of my niche; I’d been hesitating but got the confidence to put it out there.

– Matt Fox, Counsellor, writer and ecotherapist, Sussex, Matt Fox Counselling

Jan Hurley

I wanted to reach a much wider community with my product.

It has all been really useful. I have found the how of writing – the 20 Minutes Train Station concept and the Topic Bank – really good. I really liked how the road to producing a blog has unfolded and the discovery of using photos.

I am amazed by the detail of the course. It is thorough, useful, very professional and clear, and certainly gets you blogging.

Thank you, Corrina – you have opened a world to me that I did not know existed, or that I would be able to belong to, six months ago!

There seems to be a given of belief in me and my product and skills threading through all of your work!

– Jan Hurley, Human Givens Psychotherapist, Macclesfield, Cheshire, Human Givens

Lisa Gillispie

Ah, the magic of social media – shared the link to my blog tonight on my personal Facebook profile. A friend shared it on her Facebook profile and then also shared the link to my new online course, which I had linked to in my post. An hour later, I received my first sign-up for the course from one of her friends!

– Lisa Gillispie, whole body alignment and Restorative Exercise Specialist™ Columbus, Ohio, Gillispie Partners in Wellness

Giusi Pezzotta

Signing up for this course was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business.

I like reading blogs and I wanted to find my own voice. I also wanted to turn my website into a useful and alive resource, saving me time from explaining the same things to clients.

This course totally demystified my fear about writing a business blog. I learnt how to structure a blog to keep the reader interested, and how to sell without it feeling like selling! I published my first ever blog.

Being in the company of very supportive bloggers is another star feature of the course. I learnt a lot of reading other people’s blogs and their feedback and never felt alone in the process.

Without a doubt, I would recommend it to colleagues as a way of learning how to find our voice and spread the message about what we do. I now actually enjoy writing blogs – something I would have never have thought possible! – and it’s really helping me finding my own voice. Thank you!

– Giusi Pezzotta, Acupuncture, bodywork & herbal medicine, London, Healthy Indigo

Jennifer Riggs

I had an inkling that I wanted to start a blog as a way to connect and hopefully attract clients. I love to write, but I knew I needed direction. I wanted to do it right, and also needed an impetus.

I learnt so much. It’s given me confidence in my writing style. I’ve learned how to pick topics, how to address my writing to an ideal client, and to target writing with sales Calls to Action. And it made me finally get started on WordPress.

I love that there are so many tips and advice that I can keep with me to come back to again over time. The sharing with others is great and helps to foster a community. I’m happy that will continue.

Jennifer Riggs, JD, CPCC, Facilitating Career and Life Transitions, Boston, Massachusetts,


Why did I join? I had just finished the Passion to Profit course and wanted to complete the package!

There was so much that I learned! The most useful was how to create a list of blog topics and titles that would speak directly to my Tribe. Also, as I started to write I began to see that one post sparked ideas for others and I could keep each one simple and focused.

During the course, I wrote and published two blogs and promoted them on social media! Being visible is a challenge for me so this was a big step.

I’d recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn how to blog confidently and have ongoing support from their peers.

Kāmini Ashborn Grace, Devon UK, Artist & Sacred Space-Holder, Heart of Calm

Duncan Muller

I wanted to learn how to write engaging and compelling blogs that would make people think and have them see me as someone who could help them.

On a practical level, how to structure a blog was probably the key learning. The main growth was in overcoming the fear of writing a blog – I now actually find it quite enjoyable! I loved Corrina’s approach to how blogging can pull a potential client through the conversion process. That made real sense to me. During the course, I wrote two blogs which I truly believe will be helpful and useful to people.

I’ve recommended Blog for Clients to many people who have a passion and want to capture the attention of others. I loved this course!

– Duncan Muller, Professional Coach, London, Duncan Muller Coaching


I wanted to get into a rhythm with blogging, and for it to become a regular ease-ful experience.

I loved the wholehearted voice from you, Corrina. Taking us through step by step, demystifying and encouraging all the way.

To anyone who wants to exercise their powerful voice for a purpose (building a community, a movement, a business), this is seriously powerful stuff.

– Kate Greenstock, Coaching Mothers Birthing Bold and Brilliant Lives, London, Wild Rubies

Jo McHale

What inspired me to sign up? A desire to bring structure and coherence to my blogging strategy.

I thought I knew how to blog, After all, I’ve been writing about Nonviolent Communication for two years, and still have an endless supply of topics to blog about. But my blog wasn’t getting results. What Corrina has done is to show me how to integrate my writing with the services I offer. She has distilled a huge amount of knowledge, delivered it in digestible chunks that are a pleasure to read and provided me with a strategy and a framework for my blogging in the future.

I highly recommend the course – particularly for those who have dipped their toes into the blogosphere and found it somewhat daunting.

– Jo McHale, Communication and Relationships Coach and trainer in Nonviolent Communication, Surrey, Jo

Kim Davies

I like Corrina’s writing voice and wanted to learn more about starting a blog – both writing content and the technical aspects of it.

It was helpful to learn where to get pictures, how to credit the photographer and creating titles that people will click on. I’m proud of publishing a blog post that is helpful to my reader. My two previous posts were about me and really had nothing to do with the reader.

Corrina has a very reassuring and inspiring voice. She gives lots of tips of the trade and helpful advice. The people attracted to this course are very supportive and give constructive feedback and nurturing support.

– Kim Davies, Tween Empowerment, Portland, Girls Rock Yoga

Dominique Johnson

As soon as you mentioned the blogging course on the webinar, I signed up immediately. It was something I told myself I wanted to do prior to your webinar anyway so it made sense to take the plunge.

The tips and advice you gave helped me find my niche. I’m proud of getting to grips with the technical part of WordPress and seeing an end-result. Great that there were examples to back up what you were asking us to do and I appreciated how “child friendly” it was!

I’ve recommended this course already and will continue to do so because it’s interesting, fun and a great source of knowledge and information.

– Dominique Johnson, Holistic and Wellbeing Coach, Living Holistically Happy, Leigh On-Sea

Miriam-002 jpg

Writing is what I do naturally and love deeply. I was already writing blogs, and I knew that I didn’t know what I was doing. I was writing for the sake of getting something out – that’s why I took this course.

I loved Corrina’s energy, her blogs and her values. I could have chosen any other online course, I suppose, and did look around for half a second but found them slick, cold and unappealing. I chose this one for the spirit that I knew would carry me. And it did.

It was hard to imagine putting out money when I’d been putting out a lot already on personal development. But then I thought, there must be quality here and I’d been following Corrina for a while and just did it.

I’m very excited with the results. I loved the format of the course. I loved the 20 Minute Train Station format – it makes blogging easy. I loved the illustrations, the happy colours. It was easy to be motivated. I will be reviewing the material and learning for a long time to come. There were so many extras and bonuses.

I would recommend Blog for Clients to anyone who knows that they will write a blog for their site. They will learn how blogging is connected to building their business, and how to do so in a simple way that speaks to their Tribe. Anyone on this training course will also find their voice, their message, their approach and how to connect to clients.

– Miriam Linderman, Certified Emotional Eating and Body Image Coach (CPCC, ACC), Vancouver, Miriam Linderman Coaching

Will Skelton Blog for Clients

My longing to share my message is deeply activated; I now have this avenue of expressing it through blogging – in a way that makes sense and is compelling to my readers.

I now have a website! I’ve posted two blogs both of which received comments. I’ve populated my Facebook business page with content I wrote in the course, launched it, and in two days received over 150 likes. I am now grounded in blogging as an experiment to find out what works, what doesn’t, who my tribe is and isn’t, and how the expression of my message lands.

I am beginning to see myself as an authority in the area of healing and personal growth, an experience I never expected to have. Thanks for initiating me into the world of online business.

I’d love it if more men were in the course; I feel that many men deeply care, but don’t know how to express it.

– Will Skelton, Healer-coach, Colorado, Practical Metamorphosis

Rona Steinberg

Once I accepted that my blog wasn’t working for me on a strategic level, it was a short step to seeing I needed help and Corrina was the perfect person to provide it.

I loved all the little technical hints that I’ve now integrated in to my blog. I understand the technical stuff much better now.

The modules were really clear and well written – they model what to do in our blogging – and I was really impressed by how imaginative and detailed each one was. They seemed to be exactly the right length and each one was an incremental step in the learning – they weren’t too complex but they were challenging enough to feel like each step was progress. I also loved the tone – really reassuring and holding. Very nice indeed.

I most certainly would recommend this course. I think anyone who wants to blog or improve on their blogging as a way of marketing their business would benefit. For me, it has been perfect.

– Rona Steinberg, Women’s Empowerment Coach and Public Speaking Coach and Trainer, London, Out Loud Coaching

Stella Tomlinson

I love writing and had been blogging for two years so I was a little hesitant – would some of the material cover ground I was already very familiar with? I had a nagging feeling I could make better use of my blog to enhance my business so decided to listen to my instinct and enroll anyway.

I’m so glad I did; I learnt something new in every module! The course has helped me get clearer on my community, how I can help them, and ideas for specific packages I can offer as my business develops.

I loved the fact the course is self-paced. I enjoyed and benefited from the sense of community – getting comments and feedback from my fellow course-followers. As I wrote, something clicked.

This course has enabled me to develop a blogging style which is both consistent with my creativity, style and values while better supporting my business.

– Stella Tomlinson, Dru yoga teacher, Southampton, Living Yoga With Stella

Aisling Burnand

I wasn’t sure whether it was the right moment to do this course, or that I’d have enough time. But I liked how we could choose when and how fast we wanted to work through the modules.

And now I’ve already published two blogs, with two more ready to go. Just getting into action has been great and it’s great when you get “liked” or someone leaves a comment.

I’ve already recommended this course to fellow coaches. It’s a great way for people to learn, experiment and gain confidence.

– Aisling Burnand, Executive Coach, DNA Coaching

Terri George

Did I hesitate? Not even for one nanosecond. I was so impressed with Corrina’s 1-1 coaching and how my business was opening up. Blogging seemed the most logical next step, but I needed the skills.

I have now learnt the fabric, the nuts and bolts of how to put a successful blog together, that ticks all the boxes. I can now create clear, to the point, interesting content that my Tribe will want to read. My confidence has shot up.

The course material was straightforward: there were no ramblings, every word was useful.

I loved the online community; being in touch with beautiful souls in the same position as me was both inspiring and comforting. I loved the feedback we were able to give one another.

I’m megaphoning all over the place to solopreneurs who are stabbing in the dark trying to get into blogging (or even worse, thinking it’s not necessary to develop blogging skills to be successful online).

– Terri George, Director, Breakthrough & Thrive

Linda Anderson

I was blogging occasionally but it felt like I was blogging into thin air.

I wasn’t getting much response from my Tribe, which was disheartening. This made it hard to gain momentum and the gaps between blogs were getting longer and longer.

I wanted to learn how to blog strategically so it wasn’t hovering over me all the time as another thing I “should” be doing and wasn’t. I wanted the whole process to be less painful!

The only hesitations were on my side: would I be able to focus? Would I get the most out of the course? Would I find my efforts dissipated by doing too many different courses at once?

Well, I followed your simple structure for creating a post and was able to produce an acceptable post in way less time than before. I no longer spend hours rambling! This removed procrastination and made the whole task much more enjoyable.

I was even inspired to have TWO posts ready to go out automatically which felt great and gave me a sense of breathing space, rather than feeling pressure to get them done.

I really enjoyed the course; I loved getting (and giving!) feedback and encouragement from other participants. What I liked best of all, though, was the feeling that now I understand how to blog in a more focussed way, with purpose, and that my readers are more engaged, so I no longer feel like I’m blogging into a void. 

I’d recommend it to anyone starting out or who has been struggling to establish and maintain momentum with blogging.

– Linda Anderson, EFT Coach and Trainer, Tap Into Your Success

Mark Leruste

Before I took this class, I felt I was blogging with no clear direction or structure. I just didn’t understand how people could make a living out of blogging. Now it’s pretty clear that there is a science behind the art of blogging and that you can help more clients and make more money in the process! Corrina breaks down her secrets into bite-size digestible chunks that makes it easy for you to understand what you need to do in order to get blogger-ready. Enjoy the ride.

– Mark Leruste, Solopreneur Cheerleader,

Rachel Bickers

I wanted to understand how you had created such a buzz around your brand, with a great following and your right-people ready (snapping at your heels!) to buy.

I wasn’t sure about signing up because I figured I could already write, I just needed to actually do it. Also, as a mum and business owner, I thought I might be taking on too much.

I’ve learnt heaps more than expected. I’ve generated so many blog topics – 60+ – which is super-helpful and I’ve actually published! The course has been a great impetus to get things moving – thank goodness!

Corrina – thank you for creating it – and please create more! I need more of what you know in my business life.

– Rachel Bicker, Lead Coach & MD, Hello Potential

Rosemarie Gant

I had been blogging on and off for several years but had lost the motivation.

Now, using Corrina’s brilliant blogging outline, I am writing a blog post every week and getting lovely comments and feedback each time I post. So far I’ve been writing tips on how to use WordPress and the feedback has been excellent with people not only finding the tips useful but contributing their own experiences which is great.

I can say without doubt that due to Corrina’s course I now feel much more on track with my blogging and know it’s going to be a big contributor to my business in the future. Highly recommended.

– Rosemarie Gant, Taming WordPress and Social Media

Helen Rebello

I’ve been following your blog for years and am so glad I finally bought something – and I got even more value for money than anticipated! You’ve given me everything I wanted from this course – it’s been eye-opening and inspirational.

I’ve learnt there is a definite strategy to writing for clients, as opposed to writing for yourself. I’ve learnt about structure, technique, how to be authentic and how to produce topic ideas.

I’d recommend this course to any practitioner who wants to share their knowledge beyond their treatment room one-to-one and reach more clients. In fact, I’ve been shouting your name from the rooftops to anyone who cared to listen!

– Helen Rebello, Transformative Therapist, The Tranquil Path

Rosalind Bubb

I wanted to use blogging to get more business; this seemed to fit the bill admirably – my only hesitation was cost.

But I am so delighted with what we have covered – it has wildly exceeded my hopes and expectations and was worth way more than I paid.

I specifically loved that there was no option but to actually get on with it! I often get overwhelmed and daunted by technology but I set up a WordPress blog in 10 minutes flat, as well as a Flickr account and a gravatar. The whole thing was so rapid and painless – not how I usually experience my reality! – and I am so proud of myself.

It was in bite-size chunks and straightforward. It has all been useful and I’ve achieved masses. I’ve been able to answer my bigger questions about how blogging fits into a coherent business strategy. I am so clear, so freed up, fired up and excited!

I really appreciate your generosity with sharing all of this. I have been recommending it to everyone who asks how my work is going and shall continue to rave about this loudly and clearly for months, if not years!

– Rosalind Bubb, Miscarriage Support

Kate Bacon

Blog for Clients completely exceeded my expectations. I’d been blogging since 2006 but lost momentum when my business started changing direction.

I signed up for Blog for Clients because I wanted to learn how to blog from a business perspective rather than simply writing random posts. Although I don’t find writing difficult, I’d never really “got” how to use blogging effectively as a marketing tool. Corrina’s course changed all that.

I now have a year’s worth of blogging topics ready and waiting; can get 500 words written in record time; and have changed my newsletter strategy to focus on promoting new posts to my list. I know how to include marketing elements in a post in a way that feels authentic, not “icky” in any way. It’s turned blogging into a proper marketing activity.

I would absolutely and highly recommend the course to both solo-preneurs who are afraid of dipping their toes into blogging and to those who have lost momentum and want to kick-start their writing again.

– Kate Bacon,

Kati Suard

I wanted to start blogging for my business, but felt insecure and daunted by the idea. I then saw Corrina speaking at the Cambridge Business Women’s lunch and knew that her course was exactly what I needed.

Investing money wasn’t easy for me – especially when so many people just start blogging, without taking any courses. But if I’d started yet another lifestyle blog, I’d have missed the whole point. The blog should be all about marketing my business!

I definitely recommend Blog for Clients for anyone who is serious about marketing their business by blogging. And the Facebook community is genius – you keep getting value for your investment. Amazing!

– Kati Suard, Interior designer and founder of Aaltonen Interiors


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