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18 Sep 13

Don’t Want To Niche? Here’s A Refreshing Alternative

Niching. Are you fed up of hearing about it?

Yes, it makes sense.

Yes, it sounds simple.

But oh wow, the reality of identifying your niche feels so much harder. How on earth do you figure out who you’re trying to reach, without feeling limited and pigeon-holed?

Fear not, there is a God of Niching and his name is Tad. And he and I got together to record this video for you – a refreshing alternative to the “pick a niche” advice that might have been driving you crazy.

You’ll find out about the single dad who’s becoming known far and wide, and why growing a tomato plant might be better than starting a farm. Plus you’ll discover why being repulsive is very good for business.

Watch now and sigh with relief:


Which niche businesses inspire you most? Tad and I are hungry for real-life, interesting, innovative examples, so leave a comment below, let us know.


To join one of Tad’s free niching webinars or find out about his Niching for Hippies course, click here.

Advance notice: Tad is heading over to the UK from Canada and is booked to speak at the January You Inspire Me Community Meet-Up. (Put 16th January 2014 in your diary right now!) But in the meantime, tickets for the 13th November event have just gone on sale so click here for more details and to book your place before they all get snapped up.


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  1. Rosie Slosek @1ManBandAccts

    This is marvellous. I get slammed for not having a niche as there are hundreds of thousands of one man band businesses out there who do their own tax return and money management and want some help.

    No, I said, no! Niche is when what you do is clearly defined to the people you talk to, easy to remember, and fits what they need serving. To my mind numbers aren’t important.

    For what it’s worth, I view your niche as teaching folks determined to rid themselves of conditioning that they are bad naughty people if they want a life with well paid fulfilling work that works for them. Especially women as we’re taught that you can’t be feminine if you earn a lot and no-one will love you.

    1. Corrina

      Ah, interesting Rosie. I think about the feminine principle of receptivity and see all of us, men and women, opening to receive good money so that we can live with ease, on purpose, giving our greatest gifts, and flowing that money through to support others. Hallelujah that you get to help one-man-band businesses manage that abundant flow 😉

  2. claire

    Super video and I love the analogy of niche and marriage. That totally explains why it feels soooo scary. One (very new) business that I love, which is super-niche focussed is: called – the lady who runs it is a chef who goes and cooks for folks who have cancer. It’s a brilliant niche, and she’s really focussed on those people even though as a wonderful chef, she could be working with anyone!

    thanks for the great video, and looking forward to Tad comign to the UK next year!

    1. Corrina

      Thanks for the suggestion, Claire – I’m checking her out right now…

  3. Mark Leruste

    Great video! Tad is the man! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Corrina

      Thanks, Mark. And love that your CommentLuv points to the guest post I did for you 🙂

  4. Linda Anderson

    What a great interview!

    I totally agree that niching is an on-going process, it takes time and TLC, just like any other meaningful relationship.

    The marketing programs that say ‘pick a niche’ in the first week are exactly the ones that freaked me out, when in fact it can be a pleasurable and even exciting exploration – which is what it became during the Passion to Profit course (phew, what a relief!).

    Both your sites stand out for me as being really clear, not just on your target market and what you offer them, but also on who you are and why you do what you do. So if your businesses had a blood test, I’m guessing they’d have a very healthy balance of red and white cells 🙂

    Yaay for authenticity and being repulsive in business!

      1. Corrina

        Hey Linda, what I’ve noticed from leading Passion to Profit is that it takes ACTION to become clear on our niche. When you took the course, Tribe and Research were two separate steps. They’re now combined into one step because without getting out there and doing a research project (like Tad’s “niche project’), it’s all just theory.

        And I’m taking Cath’s 2-day training next weekend – partly on your recommendation 🙂

  5. Jenny Glick

    Thank you Tad and Corinna for the great conversation on niching! I follow both of you online and gain valuable insight in all-things-fantastically-different-and-honest-in-business.

    In my field as a psychotherapist the niching conversation with my coach produced MAJOR stress…thoughts: “But I’m trained to work with kids, I do trauma work, I love working with couples, I teach meditation….AAArrrgh!” It was like choosing between two children…which do I love more. Since then, I have niched but am doing it in a way that feel congruent for me. (sigh of relief).

    Thank you for your voices on this subject. Timely, valuable, and fun! Cheers.

    1. Corrina

      Jenny – What a great analogy “it’s like choosing between two children” – I may just borrow that from you! And delighted that you enjoyed; thanks for being here 🙂

  6. Jo Bradshaw

    Wow, you two are a niching-without-stress power team! The niching/marriage analogy makes me laugh too, so a perfect example for you of a cute niche-y business is a friend of mine, Helen, who makes custom wedding cake toppers to order. She’s a smart cookie too: she has a separate micro site aimed at a subniche her Asian market. And they are gorgeous! Check her out:

    1. Corrina

      Ah, I’ve spotted her site before, Jo, maybe when Sam & I were planning our wedding? The power of niching in action! And I see she’s had TV exposure – again, micro-niching is very media-friendly 🙂

  7. Lisa

    Hey Corinne!
    Loved this video, and loved it even more because I live in Calgary!

    Thanks for posting, perfect timing for me because I am just about to start my coach training in October.

  8. Lisa

    Ack! I meant “Corinna!” Sorry about that! Love your book, and recordings, love you whole thing!

    1. Corrina

      Ah, thanks Lisa! We have a wonderful Canada connection here 🙂

      I credit my parents for the spelling – CoRRina. They loved Bob Dylan so went with his version…!


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