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20 Jul 12

How To Package What You Do

“How do I actually package what I do?” is a frequent question when you want to share your passion with the world. Underneath the question is “How on earth do I actually get people to pay me for doing what I love?”

Here are three simple steps to make sure you’re offering services in such a way that people actually want to part with their cash:

1. Tribe

Bring an ideal client to mind. This is someone you’d like to help and you feel confident that you could. They might be a real person you know, or a strong fictional concept of your ideal client. Either way, focus your attention on them. Write their name down and draw a little stick person to represent them.

When I did this with my client J, a public speaking confidence coach, she imagined a colleague she’d met at a networking event.

2. Need

With this person in mind, ask yourself:

        What are their needs – in their words?

Draw little thought bubbles coming out of your stick person’s head and fill them in with your answers.

Here’s a great way of approaching this question:

        What would they say to their partner or housemate at the end of a day when their issue
        had raised its ugly head?

Try these sentence starters; how would they finish each sentence?

  “I hate that I…”
  “I’m so fed up with…”
  “I just want to be able to….”

For example, “I hate that I don’t have clarity”, or “I’m so fed up with not looking and feeling my best when I meet prospective clients”, or “I just want to be able to write this freakin’ book!”

Your responses will give you the name of your package: e.g. “Clarity Sessions”, “Write The Freakin’ Book”

Be very literal: the title for your package reassures your prospective clients that the service will do what it says on the tin. Your prospective clients will immediately know they’ve found what they’ve been looking for.

J’s ideal client would bemoan the fact that they can’t stand up with confidence at networking events, so she’s called her package… guess what? “Stand Up With Confidence at Networking Events”!

3. Package

You know your ideal client’s goal. You also know you’re equipped with your fantastic talents and methods. So, now ask yourself:

        What’s the most effective way of getting them to that goal?

Imagine someone has just asked you for directions to the train station; you’re going to prescribe the best route. Don’t throw in fluff; they’ve got a train to catch, don’t offer the scenic route. Stick to the essentials that will help them reach their desired results.

For J, her package was simple: 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions on consecutive weeks, which could take place by phone or by Skype or ideally in person.

Her package now has a name and a format.

Resonant price

Once you’re clear on exactly what you’re offering, it’s time to price your service or product. It’s wonderfully effective to use resonant pricing, which you can learn about in chapter 4 of Turn Your Passion to Profit, along with more description and examples about how to package what you do.

My client J had previously spent months going back and forth about what to offer and at what price. In one session, we were able to get her clarity about a very straightforward, easy-to-market package which she was delighted to offer and felt very confident to speak about.

Over to you

What’s the coolest package you’ve ever come across? What was it called and why was it so compelling? Feel free to tell us about your own offering, either if you’ve already done an awesome job of packaging what you do, or if you’d like this community’s help with naming it.

So, leave a comment below, let us know.

© Corrina Gordon-Barnes 2012

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  1. julie kay

    excellent advice and really simple..thanks Julie

  2. Ani

    The Passion To Profit Group Package was one of the most amazing adventures I have ever taken. Thank you so much Corrina from the bottom of my heart. It has taken me a while but I have just launched my BUTTERFLY LOVE e-book and support sessions package ( for women who want to explore their emotional eating. It is called Butterfly love (Letting Outrageous Vitality Emerge) because it is about the symbolism of going from hungry caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. I never thought I would have the courage to take ACTION but you and all the larks really did, and continue to, inspire me. Much love Ani xx

    1. Corrina Gordon-Barnes

      Ah, Ani, so glad to hear. It was such a pleasure to have you involved as one of the Passion to Profit “Larks” group. And super-celebraitng the launch of your e-book!

  3. Sherrill Leverich-Fries

    Great model, Corinna! Thank you for the clear method, and LOVE the idea of the stick figure!!

    1. Corrina Gordon-Barnes

      Sherrill – Theory’s one thing. Stick figures make it that one level more real, right? 😉

  4. Jo Bradshaw

    Fantastic article and prompts, Corrina.

    The most awesome package I’ve been involved in was a Breastfeeding DVD resource I brand directed for the charity Best Beginnings – its aim was to reach those people that the normal, rather dry BF resources fail. What I love about its message is its simplicity – a fly-on-the wall docu style which resonated so much more than the ‘instructional’ package we’re used to. The title was this: ‘From Bump to Breastfeeding: following real mothers’ stories to find out how’ and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s already reached over 1.6 million parents, and the evaluation shows that it’s been a real success.

    I love your stick figure exercise, and I’d take it a step further by walking that stick figure down the aisle of a shop. What is it that they’re looking for? Usually, when a package is really effective, it’s because the creator has drilled down into the mind of the buyer. They’ve made that switch from ‘thinking coach’ or ‘thinking therapist’ or whatever to ‘thinking needy potential client’. You cover this topic so well in your book.

    It’s really interesting taking this exercise and actually applying it historically to the packages I’ve signed up for. Their common denominator is simplicity and a perception of real value. In particular (and I’m an ultra conservative buyer when it has come to investing in myself as opposed to buying something more frivolous as a gift, or in collusion with my partner) I need to be certain that the package is going to be a safe investment, and also that its benefits will vastly outweigh the consequences of NOT buying it. In other words, the opportunity cost.

    What would it mean to me if I DIDN’T get this in my life right now? What would be the consequence? Could I bear another year without getting unstuck? Could I bear another year without clarity, or the support of other women? Some titles of packages which I’ve loved – and bought – are:

    – Gwen Bell: Discover Your Needs. This was a cheap and simple email course on nonviolent communication. Of course, if she’d titled it ‘introduction to nonviolent communication’ I would never have bought it. Because I didn’t know what NVC was – I just knew that I wanted to learn about how come SHE was able to communicate with such calm presence, and I wanted some of that.

    – Ev Bogue: Taking Your Book to the Web. Again, a really affordable and simple email course. Did what it said on the tin, and gave me confidence to explore self publishing online.

    -Ittybiz/Naomi Dunford: Emergency Turnaround Clinic. My dad had just died and I was panicking about how to afford travel costs and funeral. It turned up in my inbox and I thought: this is exactly what I need right now.

    – Your Clarity Session: I hesitated on this purely because of the monster of investing in myself, and then when your sale came up I reasoned: how would it feel to NOT do this. I imagined a beautiful box sitting on the shelf, full of safety, clarity and…how it would feel to walk past it. I implicitly trusted you because of the trust you’d built up in me already. Again, if you’d called it ‘Coactive coaching session’ I would have walked past it, because I don’t know what that means. I see this again and again in practitioners who are – rightly – enthused with their own box of tools, but overlooking how it feels to stand in the shoes of the client, wanting what it says on the tin, without needing to know the recipe.

    Another reason all this analysis is interesting, is that I know MY tendency is to try to make things too clever and quirky. This is fine if it’s a frivolous or quirky product. But, looking at our niches, and acknowledging that our ideal client is often an incarnation of ourselves (albeit a self from a couple of years back) it doesn’t make sense to create packages – especially those that involve some kind of transformative work – that we wouldn’t, ourselves, have bought in that situation because we didn’t understand them. What your book is really helping me with is getting to grips with working all this out, and actually implementing the research that’s going to give me the speech bubbles those stick figures are saying.

    I think I need to write a big yellow postit on my forehead: keep it simple, stupid!
    Tempting to share some of my ideas for packages of my own, but as I’m a genius for working out other people’s packages and terrible at working out my own – I’m going to refrain until I’ve done the research that’ll lead me to the answers.

    1. Corrina Gordon-Barnes

      Jo – Thanks for sharing so much wisdom. And delighted the book is proving so useful.

      Calling it a “Clarity Session” rather than a co-active coaching session also changes MY perception of what I offer. I feel so satisfied to be giving “clarity”, rather than “coaching” – I’m giving an outcome, not a modality, which is a far nicer gift to give my lovely clients 😉

  5. Rosemarie

    After reading this article I sent this to Corrina – she very kindly said I should post it here – I would love to hear what you think of it. This is on a new site I am just developing:

    Your article reminded me of some work I did a little while ago on the perfect client. This is part of the the site Online Illumination which I am still building. But I developed a little mini-book you could print off to fill in details of your perfect client(s). I thought it might be rather fun to have a few of these sitting on your desk or shelf. I’d love to know what you think:

    (Please excuse the fuzzy photo at the top, I will take a better one 🙂 )

  6. Jutta Nedden

    Corrina, I feel so comfortable with the way of packaging + marketing I’ve learned from you. This month I launched (at last!) my new “client-centred” website I couldn’t have done it without your help. I am a coach and leadership mentor. My tribe are small business owners who want to keep up with their growing, successful business and therefore need to hire and become a boss.
    I have been in recruitment and leadership development for such a long time, that it was quite a challenge to walk in the shoes of a new boss. The first packages I had in mind were far too “complicated” and theoretical. To interview my tribe and to concentrate on their needs helps me so much to focus on the real problems. What I am currently working on:

    • A “Clarity Kit” for people at the beginning of the hiring process,
    • “Doormat For Sale” – a 1 day workshop for self-confessed “people pleasers” who want to be nice as a boss and small business owner, but not addicted any more to please others,
    • “Hiring In A Nutshell” – a 1 day workshop and step-by-step guide through the hiring process in Nov, followed by a whole programme in spring,
    • “Last Minute Interviewing Survival Kit”, downloadable package,
    • A free teleclass on conflict resolution

    I am still in need of a crisp title for another package around “Does every sh..t end up on your desk?” (my next blog post in August). – Any ideas? My clients’ basic need in this case: Instead of being creative, they have to do lots of “uncreative things” as business owner and (new) boss. But what they actually want is (more) time for the work on their ideas. How would you name the package?

    How you could help me even more, dear fellow passionate souls:
    I want to interview at least 50 small business owners becoming / or being new bosses. I specialise in the creative + digital industries and scientific R&D, but people of any other sector are very welcome. My ideal clients are driven by something other than the basic need to just make money. They feel quite uncomfortable as a new boss and don’t like HR blabla. Above all they are passionate about their ideas/projects/inventions/artwork. They love to learn but never learned to be a boss. The interview is just 30mins and confidential. As a thank you I want to offer you a free 30min coaching session. Are you interested or do you know somebody else? Then please go to and drop me a message. I would love to hear from you.

  7. Jo Bradshaw

    Hi Jutta,

    Love the image of rolling up the doormat, breaking the addiction to people-pleasing and welcoming the boss in!

    With your new package, sounds like you could elaborate a little more: how will they get more time to work on (rather than in) their business? Is the jewel of your package helping them to feel safe delegating? Or is it more around reducing the amount of unnecessary admin in the first place, regardless of who’s doing it? There must be some deep fears to address there, beyond the ‘why is this stuff landing on my desk?’ right?

  8. Jutta Nedden

    Hi Jo, Thank you very much for asking. Basically there are three needs: To feel more comfortable with the new role, to stay on top of things (not to get totally overwhelmed by (boring) administrative stuff), and to create new routines which allow them to find the time for things they acutally want to do: being creative/to work on their ideas/projects.

    1. Jo Bradshaw

      Hmmm….sounds a bit like altering the internal perspective from one of just surviving to one of thriving as a boss? Could you play on those words and perhaps include a really clear sub-description like you just did there ; )

  9. Jutta Nedden

    Thanks a lot, fellow scanner :). Your comment on Corrina’s latest blog post also helped me a lot: “…need to get a steady footing in order not to be pulled under by the very gifts they want to share…” How true! I am ready to “pack” the package now, blog post inclusive. It’s amazing, how a few comments can help. Many thanks again, Jo.

    1. Jo Bradshaw

      Great! So, perhaps that feeling of not wanting to be pulled under by your own gifts was a bit of a ‘hell, yeah!’ for you then?

  10. Lucille Silver

    Fantastic article post.Thanks Again. Want more.

    1. Corrina

      My pleasure, Lucille. And more you shall get… Let me know what topics you’d like me to cover, I’m a blog-writing jukebox 😉


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