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You have a passion you want to share with others… but you’re not sure how to make that pay the bills.

You love the idea of having your own business, of making a difference in your unique way, of having the independence and autonomy and also the freedom of lifestyle… but you need support with how to actually find clients.

What’s your area of passion?

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Whatever your passion, if you’re driven to use your talents to help people, you should be able to earn a healthy income doing so.

And if you’re not yet clear how to build a client base so that you can enjoy both the impact you want, and the income you need, this website is here to help.

Here you’ll find inspiration, step-by-step guidance, support and community so you can thoroughly enjoy your working life and feel like your gifts, talents and passions are being used to make a difference in the world.

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My blog followers were dedicated but small in number. Your tips made so much sense: I changed the way I chose and phrased my content, and the titles I used. I answered the questions my Tribe were asking, and was able to use my blog posts as resources later on because of this. It meant the work I was investing in my posts could later translate to sales pages and articles, which gave the blogs staying power and lessened my workload.

The number of people finding my blog tripled in a very short space of time. I got a lot of new readers and more people sharing my posts. I became so much more findable! It felt really gratifying that people were reading the blog and talking about it, given all the effort I was putting in. And the best thing was I still kept my true voice out there so my loyal readers from before I got more blog-savvy responded really well too, and stayed with me. Thanks Corrina!

– Kay Gillard,

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