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16 Dec 15

Why I’m Not Here Any More

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house goodbyeAs of Friday (18th December), I won’t live here anymore.

If we think of our websites as our online homes, then Friday is my moving day.

This online house will remain – for now. There are a couple of offerings that will stay available: the Blog for Clients self-study course, and the Turn Your Passion to Profit self-study course; there are also 150+ free blogs plus videos, guides and webinar recordings you can browse through.

I don’t know how long these will remain available beyond the 18th so do invest in the courses and make use of the free resources, while they’re still here.

Where I’ll be

I’m taking a sabbatical. I’m giving myself space to reflect on a decade of self-employment, and making room for what’s calling me next.

Because there is a call. I can feel it, pulling gently at me. I don’t need to push. I don’t need to try and find what’s next.

I heard a speaker recently who asked the question: Do you choose clarity, or do you choose trust?

That had me sit up and listen. Many of us revere clarity. I even called my 1-1 sessions Clarity Sessions. But before we’re clear, we have to trust. Mother Teresa famously said, “I have never had clarity; what I have always had is trust.”

Rather than trying to get clear, trying to figure it out – I’m looking forward into an emptiness that has possibilities growing in it.

Trust. Faith. Surrender.

Fire: A symbol of clearing the old to make space for the new. I trust what comes next.It’s been surprisingly hard to let go. Since announcing earlier this year that I was bringing this business to a close, I’ve grappled with feelings of fear and disorientation. I’ve wondered: Is it irresponsible – both to me and to this community – to move on?

This business worked. It was successful; it was profitable; it helped people – men and women who I admire, respect, love.

But then someone reminded me of the wisdom we receive from the seasons. Summer doesn’t last forever. Autumn always comes. Things change, things die. And what falls is there to feed and give life to what’s next.

A new story, as-yet unwritten

It’s helped to remember times I’ve taken a leap of trust, with no clarity.

When I arrived in Brisbane Australia in my early twenties, I quickly got myself a cold-calling telesales job to pay my way. I hated every second; I literally watched the clock. Without any clarity about how I’d fund the rest of my travels, I quit the job… and when I returned to my youth hostel that night, the hostel owner offered me the job of hostel manager. It turned out to be one of the best jobs I’ve ever done.

My move from employment into self-employment felt similar. I was working as an English and Drama teacher and felt the call to move on; I didn’t know exactly how I’d pay my rent, but I trusted I’d find a way. That brave and faith-full move created space for the business I grew and was nourished by these past ten years.

There are so many more examples like this – a portfolio of evidence that taking the leap into the unknown, fuelled by trust, is what leads to the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences.

I trust these examples weren’t flukes.

I trust that letting go creates space for the new.

I trust that it’s okay that I have no clear picture of what’s next.

I trust.

Over to you

What do you trust in? When you don’t have clarity, what do you turn to? Does the unknown freak you out, or do you feel a sense of freedom in uncertainty? More than ever, I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below.

I’ll also take this chance to say farewell for now. If you’re on my email list, you’ll be first to hear what happens next, so although you might not hear from me for a while, stay connected and I’ll be in touch. (If you’re not already on the list, leave your name/email below to join.)

And if you’ve had your eye on the Blog for Clients self-study course, remember the special price of £195 is valid only until Friday 18th December, 5pm UK. There’s a countdown timer on the page so you can make sure you invest before the price rises. You’ll get instant access to a 102-page colour, illustrated training that guides you step-by-step through how to make blogging work for you. It was my #1 marketing approach throughout my self-employment and I wish the same ease and success for you. Click here for full details and to get instant access.


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  1. Madeleine

    Corrina, it has been an honour to have been a part of You Inspire Me, and your integrity and commitment to honesty and openness has played a huge role in that. I am so happy that you are continuing to walk your talk and follow the whisper that’s calling you in your heart – even though it takes huge courage to step into uncertainty instead of continuing with what’s “safe”.

    Just before moving to Portugal I remember being in just that space of uncertainty. It felt like stepping off a cliff top. I’d only been self-employed for a few months, I’d never lived in a foreign country, and there were so many doubts running through my mind. I had so many unanswered questions; everything felt uncertain and unclear.

    Trust pulled me through, and I haven’t regretted it at all. Not because I’m infallible but because I realise that not taking a risk means not giving myself the chance of that risk working out into something wonderful.

    I continue to trust that moving closer to what calls me will lead me to the work I’m meant to do. That’s how I’ll be my best self; that’s how I will participate in the world in the way that will be of greatest benefit to others. Not just clients but friends, family, colleagues, – all the people in my life who need me to be happy, whole, and connected to my values, if I’m to have the biggest positive impact on their lives.

    So I celebrate you following your heart, and give you great thanks for everything you’ve done with You Inspire Me. This community means so much to me and I am grateful every day to be a part of it.

  2. Alison Goodwin

    I celebrate your courage to follow trust and faith as opposed to needing to know everything. Many, many changes are happening energetically at the moment and it is a true gift if we can just listen and wait. I find myself on a very similar path after having lost absolutely everything. All I have left is faith and trust. Weird though, I feel that I am getting more into alignment for my true purpose. I just dont know what that looks like at the moment, but thats ok. Good luck on the next part of your journey. x ps, check out Sophie Bashfords stuff – your journey seems to be in line with what she writes about x

  3. Denise

    Dear Corinna
    Thanks so much for your wonderful communications over the last few years. I have always loved your blog posts and videos and get excited when they arrive in my inbox. You model your message so well with your heart centred high quality content.
    I will really miss your blog posts but totally support you taking time out. Good on you for showing us that we don’t have to carry on with successful and profitable businesses if we are getting called elsewhere.
    Take care and thank you again.
    Love Denise

  4. Rona Steinberg

    Oh Corrina! Life is full of paradoxes isn’t it. When I was wondering whether to train to be a co active coach you were recommended to me as someone who could help me gain clarity. And I called you and you did just that in your usual heartfelt and kindly way. And then I came all the way to Cambridge for one of the first workshops I’d ever been to and it was ever so clear. When I asked you to deliver a workshop to our West London Group you had a really clear set of topics for us to choose from and the workshop itself was super clear and all the more powerful for that. As was the Hub session you gave. And the brilliant Blog For Clients programme that I signed up to as well. All punctuated by your wonderful clear design and messaging. And now you are choosing obfuscation, mist – the unknown. And I love you for it. It’s really brave and really inspiring and you know the great thing is you will always have that clarity at your fingertips. It’s one of your great great strengths along with your beautiful spirit, kind heart, sweet nature and joy for living. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us so far and all that you be. I am excited to see what emerges from the mist xxx

  5. Ani

    Wishing you all the best with your transition and continuing journey through life! How wonderful that you are following your heart and soul with trust.

    For me, trust is knowing that there are no edges, only horizons. Any notion of clarity left my reality two year ago when, completely out of the blue, my dad suffered a brainstem stroke which has left him with ‘locked in syndrome’ a condition which renders him completely paralysed and with no speech, only able to communicate with eye-blinks an an alphabet board. He’s amazing and he teaches me that clarity is only something that exists in the mind.

    So with no clarity, two years ago I took a leap. I used my life savings to buy a house in Spain. Chris and I have been working since then to renovate, build and enjoy. As yet we don’t know where it will lead but we TRUST that we are following a call that is far greater than any clarity.

    I don’t think anything is clear in this human lifetime. Dad’s stroke taught me that. I take nothing for granted and just love and appreciate everything that comes.

    May every next breath and step that you take be filled with loving trust. I look forward to seeing where it takes you….. I look forward to the unfolding of where I am taken too.

    What an adventure.
    Ani´s last blog post ..Tesoro – Treasure

  6. Maria Lua

    Wow. Since the first time I saw you at one of your events Corrina (a talk about finding your Niche) I was inspired by you. And this latest change you are making is just as brilliant. Thank you for all the help you’ve offered through the Passion to Profit course and book, and the Blogging for Clients program, your Clarity sessions, and your newsletters.

    As a techie girl I also found all the website information you shared to be invaluable. You have helped (and are still helping) me put a high professional sheen on my business. Which is exactly what I wanted to learn from you!

    And as I go through a major transformation in my own life and business I also find myself not knowing exactly where I will land. But I am being pulled. Not gently, in my case! So watching you go through the same thing is really helping me, because it means it’s OK.

    I wish you all the very best, and I cant’ wait to see what you evolve into next! I’m looking forward to when you regroup your tribe around your new mission 😉

    With hugs and love to you and the whole beautiful community of Inspired business owners I’m so happy to have come into contact with.

    Maria Lua´s last blog post ..Shaun’s Song

  7. Darryl Black

    Wow must be on the same track – Friday is the last day my bricks and mortar shop Eco Makers Emporium will be open – also closing my other outlet at the end of Dec….Taking a well earned well deserved much needed break at least til mid Feb to re assess and figure out what I really want to do next…..entering the unknown is terrifying but I have been in a state of anxiety for months and now the decision has been made I feel fine….even a wee bit excited……
    Great to know Im not alone…..

  8. Ruthie Collins

    Hi Corrina, wow what a brave, bold move! The biggest thing I can relate this to, was choosing to have my son while the Art Salon was just starting out – and move back onto the river. I battled against fear, the high odds stacked against me and our fledgling arts org, when so many kept telling me that I was soon about to ‘disappear’, that I was ‘mad’ to bring up a baby on a boat and carry on working. Four years later, that trust into my journey as a woman into motherhood stands tall. Life is very different, but the arts organisation has grown over the years – and survived. My son – can’t imagine life without him and treasure every magical moment we share. I’m proud I chose trust in that path but am also proud that I chose to trust in doing motherhood differently. Very best of luck! Thanks for all your inspiration. Ruthie xx
    Ruthie Collins´s last blog post ..Winter lights comes to Abbey

  9. Rosemarie

    Some lovely comments here and I can’t top them but wish to say thank you for being there and running this lovely business, good luck with the break and I can’t wait to see what’s there when the mists clear! With love.
    Rosemarie´s last blog post ..Changes to Yoast SEO

  10. Jennifer

    Wow, I didn’t know this was coming. I find myself sad – as I will miss seeing your posts in my inbox – but excited for you at the same time.

    I am being brought back to a scary but exciting time in my life when I left the practice of law without a plan. It was so uncharacteristic of me, but I just knew I needed to leave. I remember a judge saying to me, “You’re either very smart, or very stupid.” Well, I was very smart, because staying would’ve gone against my own health and internal wisdom.

    So I celebrate your courage to leap into the unknown!

    Please know that you have been an inspiration for me and my business, and I do hope to stay connected.

    Cheers to you, Corrina!

  11. Leigh

    Corrina, you’ve inspired and encouraged so many of us to set up wonderful and nourishing businesses. Had it not been for you, I would not have had the confidence to define my tribe, set up my website:, or to start blogging. I owe a lot to you. So thank you and I am totally confident that whatever your next step – it’ll be just the right one for you. All the best, Leigh
    Leigh’s last blog post:

  12. Stella Tomlinson

    Thank you Corrina, this is just what I needed to read today! I’m feeling the calling to make changes in my life and my business and have been chasing clarity – chasing and pushing and ending up confused and frustrated – with some bursts of clarity along the way though (it’s not all doom and gloom!).

    Yes, TRUST. I have to admit, that’s what’s lacking at the moment. Trust in myself – dare I admit it? Trust that all will unfold as it should. Trust in the universe. This is a wake-up call to follow my own advice and let go!

    And thank you Corrina for the wonderful Blog for Clients course and for P2P, for the meet-ups which nourished my soul and introduced me to this beautiful community, and for the weekly slices of inspiration and “aha” moments.

    Thank you for your honesty, inspiration and huge heart.

    I wish you all the very best for the next stage of your journey and look forward to seeing what unfolds.

    Much love,
    Stella xxx
    Stella Tomlinson´s last blog post ..Overcome Christmas Overwhelm

  13. Gigi Blackshear

    The was by far your best blog post for me. I have spent countless hours trying to gain clarity! Today I discovered that what I really only needed was trust, trust in myself and even trust in the unknown. I have always needed to know the cursed how’s and the elusive why’s. and this has slowed my progress and made my way all the more difficult. It is bittersweet that this is the post that you say good bye, for now. So I say to you a heartfelt and sincere “thank you” for all that you are and all that you have been to me! I will continue to follow and look in the direction you went. I am sure you will turn up again! Farewell my friend!

  14. Julia

    Dear Corrina

    Since I first met you several years ago at the London Yoga Show you have inspired me so much. Your heart-centred approach to life and business resonated deep within me and helped so much to bring my dreams to life.

    I have always felt from you that encouragement to follow my inner knowing and to risk the jump, arms wide open in order to fly. But also to nurture that knowing with stillness, space and time, silence and unknowing.

    I have no doubt at all that you are on the right path and that new wings will grow perfectly to replace the old.

    All blessings, peace, peace and love to you shanti om x
    Julia´s last blog post ..No feed items at the moment

  15. Lizzie Carver

    Every time I lay Reiki hands on a client, I trust.
    Every time I sit with a coaching client, I trust.
    Trust has been the biggest lesson for me to learn to allow, and that trusting has been the key to open the biggest treasure – starting my practice and trusting that the right people would come into my life. And they came; teachers, mentors, clients, friends.
    It will all be fine – more than fine.
    Very best wishes to you in your new phase.
    Lizzie Carver´s last blog post ..Broken? Beautiful?

  16. nicky

    Hey Corrina, I’m excited for you. You’r business helped me so much in the last three years – thanks for everything you’ve done and i’m excited to see what happens next for you. Nicky x

  17. Paula Schnackenberg

    Dearest Corrina,

    You are a brave, beautiful soul. You’ve always follow your heart and the hidden treasures of success were awaiting you at every corner. I have no doubt your future is bright.

    Trust has been the main theme in my coaching these days. It must be in the air. I remember I took a European tour after I finished university and feel in love with Paris. My heart said “You have to live here”. I went back to SF sold everything and found an au pair job in Paris and I didn’t speak a word of French. The experience was wonderful and painful for many reasons. No matter how hard it was I never regretted it nor did I give up and go home. Faith and trust keep me going. It gave me strength and set me on my path as a life time expat. The next 14 moves and five countries were easier due that that first leap of faith.

    Now 25 years later I am an expat coach. The path has been rich yet challenging. I bless you on your journey. I am so glad I attended both of your courses. I thank you for your wisdom, kindnesses and love you put into each module. All the best. Love, Paula

  18. Mary

    Hi Corrina,

    Well, so much has already been said, I simply don’t know where to start. Perhaps, I’ll start from the time I tried to get into one of your talks in Cambridge, but there was no room in the inn and somebody told me I could follow you online. Before long, I’d signed up to your mailing list, then ‘Blog for Clients’ course, followed by P4P. They all gave me just what I needed to carry on this self employment journey. I feel so blessed to have taken part in these journeys with you and am so glad I didn’t leave it any longer, as I surely would have missed out. And just as I felt led towards your path, I’m sure you will feel led to your next path. Trust is an amazing word and it is a familiar word I grew up with, particularly from this bible verse, which I’ll leave with you “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him and he’ll direct your path”. All the best Corrina. And thank you for all your support and help over the months. I know that you’ll be in good hands and look forward to learning about your new ventures in due course!

  19. Radavie Riom

    Dear Corina,

    As I was reading your goodbye I thought, wow, someone else is feeling and expressing what has been happening to me. The magic of consciousness is never certain!

    I have for 30 years so devoted to assisting clients through their roadblocks of childhood wounds and now there is a call that says – Further. Spirit and the Inner Child have asked me to write a book as they are calling out to their adults who are holding on to their wounds. They want humankind to understand who they are and how trapped they are because of their conditioning. As I am in the process of experiencing this book, there is this deep feeling that I have no idea what I will be or called to do after. There is a thought of spending 3 months in India. Whether this happens or not, I really relate to you Corina and I am writing because there is a feeling of kinship because of your inner call and going on the TRUST to follow.

    It is all in the Mystery. I send you support and love.


  20. Lesley Pyne

    Wow what beautiful comments, not sure I can add a great deal.
    Thank you for the blog for clients course and group and for the wonderful meet ups. Everyone who’s important to me in my business I met through you and I can’t thank you enough.
    I admire your bravery and courage Corrina, it takes a lot of both to leave a thriving business and follow your heart, and you’re truly an inspiration.
    I wish you well & look forward to hearing more of your new venture.
    Lesley Pyne´s last blog post ..Quick fix when everything falls apart.

  21. Kamini

    Dear, dear Corrina

    I feel so blessed to have found you in the last couple of years, what an inspirational guide you have been, thank you.

    Trust has been the mantra of my life and I have needed it! Thank you for another great post and reminder to trust the journey to clarity.

    Impatience is the sparing partner that can knock my trust sideways sometimes. So bravo for taking time out to feel into what comes next.

    Sending so much love and good wishes for where the path takes you next and look forward to the update when it pops into my in box 🙂

    Kamini´s last blog post ..Soul Sense: for the impatient one

  22. Sue Q

    I loved reading this post and am so excited for you. These are wonderful, strange times. I really do think there is a shift going on in the world – so many people are literally stopping what they are doing, even stopping work they love, work that pays – they are stopping because they hear a calling.
    I love what you wrote about trust over clarity – that is new for me, and really resonates.
    I trust that you will find your new path in the space that you are creating – it is in the space that truth emerges.
    Wishing you love and blessings and looking forward to hearing from you in the coming months,

    Sue x

  23. Kim Davies

    I love what you are doing. Too many people live their life out of fear and we are meant to follow our callings, so good for you. I love what your are saying about trust over clarity. Faith is needed also, that the universe is on our side :).

  24. Casey

    “Congratulations today is your day, your of to great places so get on your way” Dr Seuss (The Places You’ll Go) always saves me when I take a leap of faith. Which is pretty much how I live my life.

    Another beautiful soul (aka you) created a lovely video and pdf to remind us entrepreneurs of our path. Your wisdom can help you too!

    I am glad to have found your house and I am excited to see where you move too. Much the way I anticipate awaiting a singers new album!

    Enjoy the process. It’s the moment. It’s the flow. Have fun, open your heart and be you!

    Looking forward to your next email incarnation, Casey

  25. Karen

    I wish you all the very best Corinna and trust that our paths will cross again on the next exciting stage of your journey.

    With love and heartfelt thanks for all the inspiration over the years.
    Karen x
    Karen´s last blog post ..Blogging: Free flowing or structured?

  26. Meggie Hiley

    Dear Corrina,
    As you know, my leap into self-employment was triggered by stumbling across a quote by you in the Earth Pathways diary. Since then my life has changed in so many wonderful ways and I will always be so, so grateful for the support you gave me. And now you are showing us the joy and freedom of non-attachment, showing us that it’s OK to build a hugely successful business – and then step away. We can build businesses, but even if we love them and are grateful for them, we still don’t need to let our stories be defined by them. This is yet another thing which you are modelling for us with such grace.
    I am really excited for you and am sure that the next stage will be even more wonderful!
    So much love,
    Meggie xxx

  27. Colette Machado

    I wish you all the best Corrina as you embark on your new phase of life. I am sure it will be absolutely amazing, just as the last decade has been for you since you entered self-employment.

    Thanks for your interesting blog posts and the other content that you have delivered across the years.

    And thanks also Corrina for coming down to London and being a speaker at one of my mums’ networking group meetings that I ran in north-east London a few years ago.

    Lots of love and blessings for your journey ahead!

    Colette x
    Colette Machado´s last blog post ..Goal Setting for Award Success

  28. Nicola Foster

    What an inspiration you are!
    You were my first introduction to the world of online programmes – and to my mind right up there with the very best.
    It’s clear from all the comments that you are loved, valued and admired.
    I have no doubt that the phoenix from the flames will be a wonderful thing. Thank you for showing us all what can be done when you bring heart, soul and pants of steel to business.
    Go rest and then rock. See you on the other side. xxx.
    Nicola Foster´s last blog post ..Facing career change without a choice? Don’t go it alone.

  29. Kate Griffiths

    Corrina I felt moved by your message in my inbox and then resonated so much with your blog post. It was just what I needed for the client I am mentoring at the moment who’s fixated on clarity…..that only comes when we trust the unknown. Thank you for the reminder and for taking this next step.

    Exciting times and who knows what you will dream up into your reality when you take some time out. I look forward to hearing what’s next and where you will be spreading your fairy dust. Enjoy the journey 😉
    Kate Griffiths´s last blog post ..Honey I shrunk the kids

  30. Paul Berry

    You highlight powerfully how our search for clarity is a chimera. Uncertainty, ambiguity, unpredictability cause us so much anxiety. Most people find these feelings uncomfortable.

    To choose novelty and uncertainty is brave. I salute you.

  31. Neela Masani

    Dear Corinna
    Though sad to see you go, I feel that exciting times lay ahead of you. I want to thank you for all your support over the last few years. Your inspiration and energy are boundless and I’m sure that you will you do well wherever life takes you next. Just to share with you that four years ago I did exactly what you are doing. Took a break from my established career as a psychotherapist and ventured into the unknown. I had no idea of what lay ahead other than something different. Now four years later I have created Yoga Shanta, a holisitc enterprise integrating the healing powers of Yoga and Mindfulness with my therapy practice to help even more people find joy, peace and meaning in their lives. I truly love what I do and know it wouldn’t have happned without allowing myself that sacred silent time out. So I wish you well and look forward to hearing what comes next for you.
    With much love and light
    Neela xx

  32. Jane Parslow

    Hi Corinna,

    We’ve only met once or twice, but those meetings have provided inspiration in many ways.

    You continue to inspire with your decision to choose trust over

    I thank you many times over, and look forward to hearing where trust leads you.

    Wishing you everything you wish yourself,

  33. Kate Bacon

    Dear Corrina

    Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement over the years – I’ve loved the wonderful community you have brought together thorough BFC, P2P and the Community Meetups…as well as this blog.

    Strangely enough just this morning during a coaching session I was faced with the choice to push ahead or simply trust that by letting go of needing to launch my online course in January I am doing what is best for me.

    My lower back started gently telling me I was taking on too much earlier this year, and now it’s reached screaming pitch I am finally listening!

    I am trusting that focusing on my ongoing regular work with one client, and giving myself space to be truly present with myself when I start my yoga teacher training in February is the right thing to do. I have no idea what I will do with the course, but I feel called to simply be with my body instead of caught up in the stress of my head all the time.

    I look forward to what emerges for you, and know we will be in touch.

    Love Kate x
    Kate Bacon´s last blog post ..What is SEO and why is it so important?

  34. Saskia Gregory

    Thank you for another beautiful post Corrina and much love to you as you go on this next life adventure wherever it might take you. I’m feeling in a similar place and trying to open up to trust more… you might remember I’m at the start of a new business journey, but the last 12 months have really made me question whether now is the time to go on that ride… I have always been ambitious and believed that there is great success (in the traditional sense of wealth) waiting for me and of January thought I needed to ‘make a plan’ and ‘take action’ to start bringing it into fruition. I know I have the capability. And yet, part of me is now wondering…what if that’s not the bigger plan for me? What if using myself with no big aims for ‘success’ is what will lead me to all I am sure I’m meant for? I can’t see how yet… and maybe it sounds completely counterproductive… But it’s something i’m praying and listening for a lot right now, so I’m grateful to read your blog. xxx

  35. Lorraine Watson

    Oh hell, I live life in varying degrees of unclarity which means having to listen and pay attention to what’s appearing. I too am in the process of change involving a physical move where the final destination is unknown. All I know from the inner pokes and prods is that staying means I will only get more of the same. I also know from past experience if I stay out of my own way and stop trying to control the result, something fantabulous is in the works. Funnily enough I wrote just yesterday about waiting from here to there. Hope you don’t mind me posting a link in case you’re interested –

  36. Liz Underwood

    Hi Corinna,

    Thank you for your honesty, it really inspired me to be authentic and also for being out there to support us.

    For some reason, whenever I have to take a leap of faith, I have the picture of Shirley Valentine, naked, aboard the fishing boat, ready to take the plunge into some Greek sea, …, go for it Corinna, hold your nose and enjoy the exhilaration……I look forward to hearing where the tide takes you.
    Liz Underwood´s last blog post ..Fasten your seatbelts

  37. Anita Mitchell

    Thanks for this post. I’m going through a similar experience myself at present, where I’m trusting what will come. It’s good to hear your experiences here, and how it’s worked for you to trust without clarity. No if only my other half could do the same 😉

  38. Caroline

    Ah Corinna – you are a star!

    You have been an inspiration, guide and support to so many of us along our journeys.
    I really understand where you are coming from. Follow your intuition – it will guide you just as it has so far. See where it takes you and let serendipity and synchronicity be your next inspirations for life and what lies ahead. Its exciting and scary but trust your inner light and intuition guide. Bon voyage.
    Sending love and blessings to you…. Caroline

  39. Linda Anderson

    Dear Corrina

    I am in awe of your courage, the clarity of your conviction that “taking the leap into the unknown, fuelled by trust, is what leads to the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences”, and the graceful way that you model that for us.

    Thank you so much for all the inspiration you’ve been sharing over the years – it has had a massive impact on my journey and on so many others that I’ve met in the awesome community that you’ve gathered around you.

    We are looking forward to seeing what unfolds for you next.

    Go well and fly safely with our love beneath your wings.

    Linda x

  40. Rachel

    Corinna – this piece is, as usual spot on!

    I have been having a tough few weeks on the work front: lots on but very little energy and a sense that I need to take stock, reprioritise and possibly say no to some stuff that normally I’d say yes to. Stepping away from what is working is very hard, but unless there is space nothing new can emerge or grow.

    I’m a real feelings person but a couple of the people I trust most are much more analytical, and they always tell me to look for the evidence as to why something I’m worried about will or won’t happen. If I’m anxious that a new approach will fail, as a matter of course now I deliberately challenge myself to find evidence that it won’t work. In your case, you have a wonderful track record of success in new ventures and can clearly point to the turning points (call them serendipity or the uncanny knack of spotting an opportunity!) which have led you down new and profitable paths.

    I wish you well with your new ventures and look forward to hearing about them on your website.

  41. Muriel Bauer

    Hey Corrina,
    What better than follow your intuition and inner guides?
    And if they ever send you to Asia, you are welcome to come and see me in Singapore…
    Thank you again for your inspiration and insights so far.
    Lots of love, light and fun on your journey!

  42. josie

    Hi Corrina,

    Since i saw you speak at a coaching event over 3 years ago, you have been the only one I would regularly go back to for blogs – you write in such a heartfelt and genuine way. I feel sad and will miss your blogs and offerings, but i understand your need for a change and I wish you all the best and really look forward to hearing what exciting adventures you will be pursuing next.

    I wish you well.

    Thank you so much.

    Josie x

  43. Stephanie Mount

    Dearest Corrina,

    One of my mantra’s is ‘trust in the process of life itself’, listen, observe and notice, smiling gently in this very moment.

    Thank-you so very much for all your wisdom, inspiration and energy. I trust all will work out beautifully, in fact, it already is……………

    Go well,

  44. Leda Sammarco

    Dear Corrina, thank you for another wonderful post. Trust is such a tough one, and I salute your courage in stepping into the unknown. What particularly resonated with me are those times when you just ‘quit’ without knowing what was next. I’ve done that myself a couple of times, and it’s scary, but ultimately rewarding.

    It’s been such a pleasure knowing you and working with you. Thank you again for helping me find my signature work, and for all those wonderful events you ran.

    I wish you all the very best for the next stage of your journey – may it bring you joy, fun and fulfilment.

    Leda x

  45. Iris Weaver

    Wow, good for you! Taking a leap of faith. I’m sure you will find what is next for you and it will also be wonderful.

    I have made a number of moves in my life, trusting that things would work out without the clarity to know if they would, and they did. I am in such a place right now, and it’s lovely to have you affirm that this is an alright place to be..

  46. Ann Brown

    Dear Corrina,
    I’ve been so inspired by your courage to jump into the unknown and trust, rather than insist on clarity.
    I had a similar experience when I upped sticks from my familiar life in Surrey, to a completely unknown life in Scotland.
    I trusted my gut that it was the right thing to do – and it was!
    Your teachings (the BfC and P2P) were the catalyst I needed to kickstart my business in the past two years, and for that I will be forever grateful to you.
    Wishing you peace and a well earned sabbatical rest – and hope that the next 10 years of your new working life will be just as magical as the first.
    Looking forward to learning what this new phase will bring for you!
    Ann x
    Ann Brown´s last blog post ..Moving Through Fear And Into Action: Celebrate!

  47. Jutta Nedden

    Dear Corrina, Clarity is a good thing as long as we don’t confuse it with safety. A “safe” job, a “safe” business, a “safe” life is just an illusion. I discovered this myself: all the setbacks I had with my business; my father, diagnosed with a brain tumour, still very young, passed away within 6 months; from one day to the next, I couldn’t walk any more due to a spine injury and had to take an involuntary “retreat” for months. Life changes so quickly, it’s all about gaining experiences. The only thing we have for sure is the actual moment, trust/hope and love. …And yes, the unknown freaks me out AND I feel a sense of freedom in uncertainty. I have learnt to trust, that particularly visiting dark places always brings me closer to the light – and that I need a lot of patience and courage on the way.
    Corrina, I owe you so much, thank you for having been a part of my life and such an inspiration for the last 5 years. I don’t say farewell, I just say “see you later”, because I am sure that our paths will cross again. Don’t ask me why I am so certain, I just know it. Courageous lady, have an amazing journey. You will trust, you will love and you will be patient, and everything will be fine. 
    Jutta Nedden´s last blog post ..Pass the cake test

  48. Synnøve

    Dear Corrina
    I have also given clarity sessions recently and I see now that I could rather have called them trust sessions, because trust is what have been the issue of the sessions.
    Your words Faith, Trust and Surrender have all been at the center of my life for a loooong time. One year ago I even decided to name my business Radical Trust Solution and your blogpost here has brought me one step closer as of how to integrate this more in my business.
    I first noticed you through CTIs Public Discussions 7-8 years ago- I used to travel quite often to London and planned to join your Community Meetups, but right at that time, life sent me in another direction and I ended up traveling to Morocco instead. These travels have challenged me hugely around trust and anyhow I decided to relocate myself to Marrakech last year – which was a giant leap of faith and trust.
    I had the pleasure of being your guineapig at your Byron Katie february webinar when at the time I felt a complete failure because only one person signed up for my retreat here. Your coaching was very helpful and I´m happy to say that the universe has had my back since then – I have had to lean deeply into trust and that has carried me forward – I am still here and things are going well. It is amazing what life can have in store for us once we surrender to trust and faith. I listened to the calling that brought me here and now the possibilities are lining up.
    I wish you the best in your calling for a new adventure!
    Synnøve´s last blog post ..Life does not turn out according to plan

  49. Laura Thomas

    Want to say a huge thanks for all your work and inspiration Corrina, you are gifted and beautiful in your words and wisdom. I wish you ever success in your future endeavor. Thank you for all you have contributed Laura xx
    Laura Thomas´s last blog post ..The ONE thing to do every time you eat sugar

  50. Janelle

    Thanks Corrina for adding so much value to all of our lives. You are amazing. I really appreciate what you have given to me, for free, and for so many months. I hope the space you are creating will give you some answers, and I want you to know that I have also closed a business and started a new one, and went through the same thoughts that you shared. But it’s all good. It’s all an evolution, and the right thing is going to come into your life. Wishing you well!
    Janelle´s last blog post ..Sunrise, Sunset in Alberta: Part IV

  51. Lee Anne Chapman

    Corrina, I just want to thank you for all you did for me and the fanatastic free online advice you have put out there over the years. It was amazing to work with you at a time when I was at a complete loss. It led on to many things including my incredible path of Humane Education. Now I’m at another turning point and needing trust to take a huge leap into the unknown. It’s scary as hell but need to move forward in the direction of my dreams. Wishing you all the best with your journey into the unknown.

    Lee Anne x

  52. Karen J

    Oh, Corrina! Thank you for freely sharing so much wisdom over the years! (OMG – it has been years, hasn’t it?)
    Wishing you the best in whatever comes next – I’m sure it will turn out wonderful!
    I want to vote for ‘keeping these resources up forever’ 😉 – they’re still truly inspirational, and I’ve spread links to them all over!
    Love and Hugs from the southwest coast of Lake Michigan ~
    Karen J´s last blog post ..Are you Psyching Up or Psyching Yourself Out?

    1. Karen J

      … plus, I’ve discovered so many wonderful, wise people through this community.

      Bright Blessings to all!

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