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25 Nov 15

image1Day Radley is a private vegan chef, who has worked all over the world preparing healthy, delicious food for her clients. You can see more of her beautiful food at Today she’s telling us what her experience of taking the leap into self employment has been.

Before puberty hit I was a confident exuberant girl. Afterwards, I became shy, insecure and didn’t look anyone in the eye for many years. I became very aware that I thought and felt differently to everyone around me: my family, my friends, people in the town I grew up in. I felt very alone and at odds with the world.

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Shanna Trenholm: Taking The LeapShanna Trenholm is a writer, brand visionary and creative catalyst who helps businesses and creative entrepreneurs find their voice, communicate their message to their adoring fans (or future fans), and build the satisfying life and work they dream of. Today, she’s taking us behind the scenes of what it was like taking the leap into self-employment.

Where it all began

I was working a full-time job (as Director of Development for a nonprofit literacy organization) where I was required to fundraise through grant writing. I had to learn the ropes of this particular form of writing on the job. I had been writing since I could remember (it was always my first interest and love) so I took to grant writing with ease.

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11 Nov 15

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we never failed?

We had an idea, we acted upon it, and all worked out perfectly.

As we’re all too aware, life doesn’t work that way and the older we get, the more failures we accumulate.

But while it might factually be true that we failed to achieve our desired outcome, the story we tell about that failure is what affects our emotions and our ability to be in action and move forward.

Just a few of my many failures

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28 Oct 15

Mark Silver Taking The LeapMark Silver is the founder of Heart of Business, Inc. Since 1999 he’s helped thousands of people in small business fully integrate their heart, integrity and spirituality into effective business practices. Today, he’s taking us behind the scenes of what it was like taking the leap into self-employment.

Needing to go it alone

When I started out, I was working part-time as the office manager for another coach and coaching a few clients within her business. I realized I needed to go out on my own.

As soon as I did, I believe 4 clients came in, all happy that I was no longer working with the other coach. At that point, I felt a surge of, “Wow! This can work!”

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21 Oct 15

Alice has a dilemma.

She’s designed a workshop that’s perfect for the clients she loves to work with, but she’s feeling awkward about how to promote it authentically. Every time she goes to mention it – by email, on social media, in conversation – she can’t seem to shake the notion that she’s annoying people.

And yet, if she doesn’t let people know about the workshop, she feels she’s letting them down. She knows she needs to give them the opportunity to hear about it and decide for themselves if they want the benefits.

She also knows that if she doesn’t sell enough places, the workshop can’t run and she won’t make any money and she’ll be no closer to leaving the 9-5 job she hates.

How can Alice promote this great offering without becoming an annoying spammer?

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