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07 Oct 15

Ryan Jones lives in Colorado, USA. He doesn’t yet know that I exist or that I’m thinking about giving him $229.

I live in Cambridge, England. I’ve got a piano but I just don’t play it. I don’t make great progress with sheet music and get impatient.

Play Piano King on YouTube and FacebookWhen I discovered Ryan’s amazing offerings at, I started to feel brand-new enthusiasm about tinkling on the ivories. I could suddenly play full songs and they sounded GOOD, and I’m on the verge of investing in Ryan’s year-long tutorial membership.

But this blog post isn’t about music. It’s about how your business can be found by total strangers and it comes down to this:

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30 Sep 15

Dani Rukin: Taking the leap into self-employmentDani Rukin is the “success catalyst” – a coach with an infectious energy and enthusiasm for helping people unlock their potential, express themselves fully, and live their lives authentically and courageously. Today, she’s sharing her story of taking the leap into self-employment.

My first paying coaching client

Back in 2007, I was on the Fundamentals weekend with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI); this was the first of a five- weekend core curriculum. We were instructed to each have our very first practice client set up for the second day of training, and just as we were walking out of class for the evening, one of the trainers said, “And after you coach that person, ask them: ‘Will you be my client?’”

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23 Sep 15

The terms we use when we talk about marketing can be confusing – whether you’re new to self-employment or whether you’ve been working for yourself for a while.

If marketing-speak ever sounds foreign to you or if it leaves you irritatingly in the dark, I’d love to demystify some marketing terms for you.

We’re not born speaking this language

Marketing terms can feel fuzzy when you don't know what they meanI didn’t go to marketing school; I didn’t get a business degree. I was an English literature graduate who then trained as an English and Drama teacher and became a self-employed home-tutor to teenagers.

Somewhere along the line, I realised that if I wanted to stay self-employed, I needed to learn about this thing called marketing. Word-of-mouth referrals could only take me so far.

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16 Sep 15

Money in a hand - how do you get paid?Self-employment means you get paid independently – hopefully many times over.

There’s a special moment where you lose your Getting Paid virginity. Someone says you’re just what they’ve been looking for; they want you, they need you… YES!

You enjoy the satisfaction of that first incoming financial transaction, the warm after-glow, staring in amazement at the cheque in your hand or the PayPal notification in your inbox.

Lost yours yet?

Before that first financial encounter, Getting Paid can feel like foreign territory. It’s longed for but scary. You’re hungry for it but daunted.

Even once you’ve enjoyed a few dozen payments, you might still have question marks about how to get paid consistently.

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09 Sep 15

Selling. Does it feel like a necessary evil – or a way to be of service?

When I first started offering free tele-classes, I would proudly share valuable content before telling callers about an upcoming paid training course.

But as soon as I’d hit “selling” mode, I’d get flustered and tongue-tied. I’d speed up, skimming the details of what I was offering, skipping important aspects; I didn’t make the call-to-action crystal clear.

Afterwards, I’d feel so disappointed. “I’ve messed up”, I’d tell myself. I had this nagging feeling I’d let people down – both the callers and myself.

Old habits die hard

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