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~ Discover how to market yourself so you can help more clients ~

The Passion to Profit course is now available for self-study.

We’re not born knowing how to do marketing. When we train in something we love and want to share with others, we’ll likely hit a point where we realise: “Oh, hang on, the clients don’t just appear! How do I get clients?!”

For six years, I taught a training course called Turn Your Passion to Profit. Then my focus changed, I ran the course for one final time and the doors closed.

I’ve now started a new business and every element is so much easier because I know the key principles of marketing. How do you set your prices? How do you build a website? What do you write on your web pages? How do you grow your email list? How do you run free initial consultations that actually lead to paying clients?

For you, these may all be big question marks, blocking the way. You don’t have the marketing know-how – and quite understandably. For many of us, it’s not our background and our professional training didn’t explore this in enough depth.

So, I’ve decided to open the doors again. While I won’t be running a live course, I’d like you to have access to the Passion to Profit training materials – so that finding clients can be easier and more enjoyable for you too.

Is marketing a mystery to you?

If you can’t figure out how to get people to pay for what you love doing, the Passion to Profit training was designed for you.

If you want to let potential clients know what you offer without coming across as pushy or annoying, the Passion to Profit journey was created with you in mind.

It’s absolutely possible to reach people who love paying you. It’s absolutely possible to earn a living doing what you’re here to do.

I’ve been living proof of this for over a decade and I’ve helped hundreds of self-employed men and women find clients and make money doing what they love.

I’m happy to make the best of my expertise available to you.

Important note: There are a few mentions to live elements within the Passion to Profit training materials – namely: Q&A calls, a buddy system and an interactive learning site. These were elements of the live course and aren’t relevant to the home-study version. You won’t be accessing these features and you’re not paying for them; please ignore all references to them!

Here’s what you’re getting:

Immediate access to all training course materials – so you can begin your business learning straight away.

Downloadable files – so you can keep the materials forever, on your own computer or memory storage device.

Step-by-step comprehensive guidance in eight key modules, including how to identify your niche (or “Tribe”), package and price what you do, build your website, grow an email following, and have effective initial sales consultations – so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Multi-media materials. Each module comes to you as an audio training (MP3) with accompanying written transcript (PDF), plus an interactive writeable action plan and focused worksheets (PDFs) – so you can access the guidance in the format that suits you, and check off your progress.

Resource lists – for example, recommended website developers – so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Members-only access to the private Passion to Profit Facebook group. You’ll be welcomed in to a supportive community of self-employed men and women from around the world. They’re experienced with the Passion to Profit steps so they’re able to answer your questions if you get stuck and give you feedback on what you’re thinking through and creating.

It’s easy to get started

After clicking the yellow button below, you’ll receive an email with a DropBox link. In this DropBox folder, you’ll find the entire library of PDF and audio material; you can download all the files to your computer or memory storage, or save them to your own DropBox. You can then get started straight away, moving forward at the pace that suits you.

The Passion to Profit approach has been tried, tested and enjoyed by hundreds of self-employed men and women since 2010 – read some of their inspirational stories below.

As a live course, the investment was £995.

For the self-study training course, the investment is £295.

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The content

In module one (Connection), you’ll discover:

  • The four qualities that every entrepreneur must cultivate
  • Why a daily practice is non-negotiable on the path of self-employment
  • How to choose your own unique fail-safe antidote to overwhelm, anxiety, uncertainty and confusion
  • The Five Minute Shopping Centre method for shifting your money outlook
  • How to future-proof your motivation

In module two (Tribe), you’ll discover:

  • The damage that “I want to help everyone” is doing to your business
  • What most business owners get distracted by – and what to focus on instead
  • The tried-and-tested Two Islands method for identifying your niche
  • The six essential questions to ask in research (good news: the answers will tell you exactly what your Tribe are ready to pay for, plus where to spend your precious marketing time)

In module three (Package and Price), you’ll discover:

  • The two common mistakes to avoid when naming your product
  • The most reliable method for setting the right price (you can re-use this for every product and service you create)
  • The litmus test for deciding when to offer a freebie or discount – and the one simple request you can make to ensure every “special price” is worth it
  • The one factor that determines whether people will buy from you or not (it’s not often talked about, so it might not be what you think)

In module four (Website), you’ll discover:

  • Which comes first: your website, flyers or networking?
  • The five core pages you need on your website
  • The website software I consistently recommend
  • How business owners set themselves up for website difficulties later down the line – and how to avoid these challenges

In module five (Message), you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what to write on the most popular page of your site (secret: this is probably not your Home page)
  • The proven method for overcoming Blank Screen Syndrome and getting a sales page written in 25 minutes
  • How to create compelling copy that inspires people to click Buy Now
  • The four stage structure for talking about what you do at networking events – no more waffling or being tongue-tied
  • How to repurpose your most powerful copy to create blogs, talks, guest articles and more

In module six (List-Building), you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what to do when people aren’t visiting your site, to bring in more traffic
  • How to make your website more “sticky”
  • The professional email provider I personally use and recommend – plus one popular alternative
  • What “permission marketing” really means – and what NOT to do (caution: without knowing this, you could be breaking the law)
  • How to set up a compelling Pink Spoon so you can quickly grow an email list populated by eager-to-hear-from-you potential clients

In module seven (Sales Flow), you’ll discover:

  • The big picture (Flow) to guiding strangers through to becoming happy paying clients – and which critical steps you might have been missing
  • The actual structure I use in sales consultations, plus the #1 most powerful question to ensure the right clients say “Yes!” to your offer
  • The power of testimonials – and the four details to include which turn run-of-the-mill feedback into success stories you’re proud to show-case
  • Exactly what to say when a prospective client says they want to think about it
  • The crucial element many business owners leave out of their Flow – and how to easily fix this

In module eight (Mindset Mastery), you’ll discover:

  • How to future-proof your business by strengthening the right mindset
  • Five long-term strategies for dealing with fear, overwhelm, procrastination and self-sabotage
  • Which essential habits and practices to put in place now to ensure sustainable, satisfying self-employment

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Investing in this self-study course via the Buy Now button signifies agreement to the Terms & Conditions found at the foot of this page. Your confirmation email will be sent to the email address registered with PayPal – or, if you’re paying without a PayPal account, to the email you enter into the email field.

Become part of a community of inspirational self-employed men and women

Liz NorrisThis course is for people who want to take their heart-led business to the next level.

It works because Corrina understands what folk need and want, and she delivers the content in a clear, simple and effective way.

You’ll gain understanding of a whole new world. It makes sense. All the component parts are here, you just need to fit them together – and Corrina provides the manual.

– Liz Norris, Family Relationship Specialist, Exeter

Ann BrownI have spent a lot of money on coaching and other marketing courses and I was worried whether this one was really going to teach me anything new.

I’ve learnt masses on this course and it was well worth the money. I now feel I’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle. I really wish I had taken this course much sooner – it would have saved me a lot of time and money!

– Ann Brown, NLP Coach,, Stirling, Scotland

Photo of Lisa ClarkCorrina Gordon-Barnes is my absolute go-to girl for all things business-y.

Thanks to her, I now have actual money in my bank account.

– Lisa Lister, Writer and Women’s Health Educator,, Southampton

Picture of Saskia FraserTurn Your Passion to Profit was a heart-centred personal and business journey and just what I was looking for at this stage in my business.

It was the perfect support, offering creative solutions to the areas of business that don’t come naturally to me and freeing up the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ that I had around marketing.

– Saskia Fraser, Raw Food Coach,, London

Picture of Rebecca HourstonA fabulous, incredibly well-structured, stretching yet supportive opportunity to be taken step-by-step through all aspects of marketing your business and getting into action, in the company of inspiring peers.

– Rebecca Hourston, Co-Active Coach,, Bath

Meggie Hiley KroegerI’m now doing my passion full-time. I’m earning more as a self-employed translator than I ever made in employment.

Passion To Profit gave me a structured, supported approach to launching my own business. I was able to leave my part-time job just over a year after going self-employed – much quicker than I’d thought!

The course gave me a sense of clarity and a really strong foundation for starting out. Everything since then builds on what I learnt from Corrina. I know my target market and what they need. I know how to present myself on my website and when interacting with potential clients. I can state my prices confidently and happily – and people are happy to pay!

Passion to Profit was such a fantastic experience because it encouraged us to create a business that would align with our core values. So I’m getting paid good money, doing what I love, in a way that feels right for me.

– Margaret Hiley, German-to-English Translator,, Rutland

Leanne LindseyPassion to Profit is absolutely the best business course I’ve ever done. The support, structure and content were phenomenal and I got so much more than I signed up for!

I’ve already started recommending it to anyone who’s feeling stuck or isolated in their business, and anyone who’s unclear about who they want to work with or what they want to offer.

– Leanne Lindsey, Career & Lifestyle Fulfilment Coach,, London

Julie ShepherdSince doing the Passion to Profit course, I’ve had women signing up for my six- week life coaching course, paying full whack, who are exactly my ideal client.

They’re fabulous women, all working in the voluntary/charity sector, helping support vulnerable people. It feels great to have supported them in making changes in their own lives.

– Julie Shepherd, Coach, Brighton

Claire ZarbThis was the most money I had ever spent on my business – or myself!

I’d been in business for two and a half years and had hit a crunch point. I was starting to think about giving up. Was I invisible? Was I doing something wrong? Should I consider training in something else?

Deep down, I knew homeopathy was the right path for me but I wanted guidance on how to make it work. Then my neighbour recommended the Passion to Profit course. I felt I couldn’t justify spending that much money on myself, but as a joint birthday/Christmas present, my partner offered to pay half.

I’m so glad he did. It was the green light. I was saying to the Universe, “I’m serious about this. I’m investing in my business.”

I’m now making more money per week as a full-time homeopath than I did when balancing homeopathy with a part-time job. My message is so much clearer that as a result of one blog post, I received 10 enquiries within half an hour. I ended up helping 20 more clients as a result of that one article. It’s because I’m finally saying what I do, for whom, and standing out.

I would definitely recommend Passion to Profit. Corrina speaks to you at a different level – a level I wish more people would speak at! This course gets your business back on track and gives you accountability and connection. I don’t think I would be as far ahead as I am now without it.

Claire Zarb, Homeopath,, South London

Jahna ClarkeI can feel quite shy – however, being part of such a supportive group became one of the most enjoyable parts of the journey.

I clarified my Tribe and therefore changed my yoga class venue to a place where my Tribe hang out. Since I made that move, my class numbers have doubled and as a result the class is now financially viable. I’ve also run one-to-one sessions – a first for me.

I am now approaching things in a calmer, more joyful way.

– Jahna Clark, Yoga Teacher & Somatics Exercise Coach, Sensing Within, Edinburgh

Donna Davies BrackettI wanted to get my business off the ground – and Corrina showed me that getting new results means doing things I haven’t done before.

Passion to Profit brought me out of hiding.

I loved that Passion to Profit is all about helping you find people who want what you want to give.

– Donna Davies Brackett, Interior Designer + Organizing Coach,, Canada

elliesyogaI was at a crossroads where I really needed help and Corrina seemed to be offering something that was from the ground up, and I was certain I had to go all the way back to basics and first principles to be able to move forward.

It was, in the end, one of those decisions that wasn’t a decision. Just had to do it. The vast swathes of info in every module made me strongly believe that I had got exceptional value for money.

Ultimately, I now understand that I can work in a way that suits me and my needs rather than subscribing to the standard model of yoga teaching.

– Ellie Coats, Yoga Teacher, Yogis In The Landscape, Somerset

Carol ConwayWhy did I enrol? To get clear on my coaching niche and to find support to get me into action.

I now have my first paid coaching client, clarity about my niche and pricing, reassurance that I’m on the right track and I can do this, and a fantastic support network.

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who is struggling to do it alone or who is in danger of not sharing their gift with the world.

– Carol Conway, PR & Communications Consultant & Coach, Egham

Picture of Sarah LeachI have seen a steady increase in number of clients and therefore income which has freed me to drop a shift of my “day job”.

I have a healthier relationship with money and business and now see that creating a profitable business doesn’t make me evil! Rather than feeling ashamed, I feel proud of my creation and feel an integration of spirituality and self-employment.

This journey has been challenging, transformative and hugely enjoyable. Corrina, thank you for being such an inspirational role model.

– Sarah Leach, Speech and Language Therapist,, London

Picture of Joey CliftonThis was an extremely powerful beginning point for my business.

A beautifully crafted bespoke course that takes you step by step through many of the challenges faced by new business owners.

Perfect for passionate people who need a fat dose of love, encouragement and support as they delve into entrepreneurship.

– Joey Clifton, Co-Active Coach,, Cornwall

Amanda CullenPassion to Profit was the next logical step for me.

I loved the balance of audios and worksheets, and the ability to interact via Facebook.

I have clarity on my Tribe and more idea of where to find them. I’ve put up my prices, launched a new website, started a Facebook business Page, started my blog and started guest-posting on other websites.

I’d definitely recommend it to fellow coaches struggling to get going with their business.

– Amanda Cullen, Coach,, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Claire BradfordSpurred on my the indomitable Corrina and my fellow Passion To Profit-ers, I connected with my ‘Tribe’, created a new and shiny mailing list for them, resurrected my blog (and actually enjoy writing it now!) and started a buzzy, friendly Facebook page where people interact with me. And I have a proper, grown-up financial plan too! Hoorah!

– Claire Bradford, Coach,, Worthing

Clare Kerrison improv CambridgeThis has been exactly the right journey for me.

I came into the P2P programme wanting to find my direction. Success! I wanted the support, confidence and momentum to transition toward self-employment – and be forced to DO those steps rather than just thinking about them. Support, confidence and momentum. Check!

What I didn’t realise is just how much I would learn about myself and how “better business” is so much about better living and better loving (of self and others).

Implementing the wealth of strategies and practical steps you’ve given us just keeps on going. Thank you so much for this journey.

The paid work I got, by having the confidence to talk about my passion and approach to improv, paid for the course. Joy!

– Clare Kerrison, Improv Tutor,, New Zealand

Kamini Ashborn GraceHaving been self-employed for many years and always just making ends meet, it became clear to me I needed sustained support – both practically and emotionally – in order to flourish financially.

I’d tried marketing books but would always fall at the implementation hurdle. Now, I have actually made my first guided meditation download, written sales copy, and gone live with my new, re-branded website!

The course materials were exemplary – I particularly liked that each module came with both audio and transcript as I like to listen to instructions and highlight the text to refer back to quickly.

You won’t find a better course. Having like-minded course buddies and a vibrant community has been a dream come true for me. Corrina is the leading light in this niche; she knows her stuff and walks her talk. I consumed every bit of her sales copy – it was like she knew me inside out and I thought, “If she could help me find and know my Tribe like this, then there truly is hope that I can turn my passion into profit!”

– Kamini Ashborn Grace, Teacher, Artist + Therapist,

Picture of Kay GillardI am earning more than I thought I could at this point and I can see that this is the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve started selling my meditations and they are going like little vegan hot cakes. I’ve created and launched important products that I can provide from home which has changed the nature of my business and given me the freedom to work from anywhere.

I’ve gone from fear around money being damaging to the nature of what I do, to a spiritual business woman who can make money without selling out my values.

This programme is transformative, challenging, button pressing, illuminating, earth shaking and f*!?cking awesome – you need it in your life.

– Kay Gillard, Healer and Teacher, London


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