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Sonia Calvo

I didn’t know where to start with creating a coaching business. I was feeling quite lost and overwhelmed.

I’ve now been given very clear steps and I feel comfortable using marketing strategies – and I understand them. It’s pushed me through my insecurities of wondering if I can do it. Now I know I can – and I have my first paying client!

– Sonia Calvo, Coach, London,

Kay Gillard

People are reading my blogs! People are buying my new mp3s! I’m getting new referrals!

I am earning more money than I thought I would and I am meeting my targets. Thanks so much for this breakthrough.

– Kay Gillard, Healer and Teacher,

I had all these grand ideas for my business but no idea how or where to start.

I was trying to read up on best ways to get going – but I realised you often need an objective, discerning eye over your business to pick out the holes that you are too close to see. Some things I just couldn’t get clarity on myself.

I knew I wanted to make my business a success otherwise it would just be a glorified hobby.

Wow, where do I start with outcomes?

  • Paid clients!
  • Increase in self-confidence that comes from more sales
  • Translating all my creative craziness into sensible solutions that have a beginning, middle and end
  • Simplifying everything I do so it’s customer focused
  • Renewed love and focus on what I do
  • Guest writing positions, numerous speaking engagements and features in newsletters
  • My first ever teleseminar which resulted in much product interest and a client from Australia!

– Samantha Clarke, Stylist and Personal Brand Architect, London,

Leda Sammarco

Working with Corrina helped me discover my signature work. I gained enormous clarity and confidence about launching a new project and her end-to-end programme enabled me to bring intuition, fun, and a stronger sense of self-worth into my business; something I’d been struggling with for too long. I simply could not have done all of this without her!

– Leda Sammarco, Writer’s Coach,

Charlotte Wall

You have worked wonders with me. I don’t even know where to begin.

I have taken such leaps: I have a new website, I completed another module of training, I started my own blog and now write for a local magazine, and I set up my fitness boot camp and networking site. I am now much, much busier but my life is peaceful. I am happy and focused on my career and also on the positive things that I have achieved.

I am proud of myself and it actually makes me cry to write this. When I think back to how I was when I started this journey with you, I realise how far I have come within myself. I have turned my life around. I now run a successful fitness coaching company and I inspire people with what I bring into their lives which is a very powerful feeling. I don’t think I have ever felt this much belief from other people – or maybe it’s that I have not had the belief in myself.

Now my outlook is one of positivity and I do believe in myself. You have brought joy, light and laughter back into my life and it has been an honour and a privilege to have you walk beside me.

– Charlotte Wall, Personal Fitness Coach,

Nicola Howells

I hesitated about the cost. Was I really prepared to invest a significant amount of money in what, at the time, was only a whim? I’d previously spent a fair amount of money on courses that I ended up doing nothing with. If I put money in, I’d have to commit to actually doing something – was I ready and was that what I wanted?

Well, now I’m in action. I have a properly structured website and a new effective approach to marketing. I had never heard before of identifying your ideal client and speaking directly to them. I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve with the business and how I’m going to do it. I have massively increased self-belief and self-confidence and have gone from a vague idea I wasn’t quite committed to, to having had my first paying client.

Without your tireless cheerleading, this idea would have been a non-starter like all the others and I wouldn’t ever have understood why. You’ve helped me protect that little acorn till it could take root and become a sturdy little tree that can stand up on its own.

The most important thing has been the feeling that I have someone with me who is genuinely on my side – things like sending me a text to wish me luck with my first client were really thoughtful and have made all the difference.

– Nicola Howells,

Tara Leaver

I wanted to do a Clarity Session with Corrina for several weeks before making the commitment. Although I knew generally where I was going, it felt unfocused; I needed greater clarity on my ideal clients so I could create things that would be of genuine value

I kept bouncing between wanting to invest in myself and my work, and fearing I wasn’t ready for what might come up. But I also knew I’d done enough courses and read enough blog posts; I needed one-to-one focused attention! I think there comes a point for any solopreneur where you need specific information about your business.

If you’re at that point, where you’re finding the same information over and over but not really moving forward as a result, I wholeheartedly recommend Corrina’s Clarity Sessions. It was like the universe knew – as soon as I committed I started to find more and more clarity in the days leading up to it, before we’d even spoken! 

The session itself was more productive than I could have imagined an hour could be, and has extended beyond that time as new ideas keeping coming from it. I’m newly energised and excited, and full of ideas to enrich my work and continue to serve people while honouring my own process.

– Tara Leaver, Artist and Creative Guide,

After the first enthusiasm of setting everything up, I was completely paralysed with indecision as to where to go next. I felt I had a huge range of tools but no systems in place to keep me moving forward.

I didn’t know where to start. I was searching on the internet and becoming bogged down with advice. I was tired of the manipulative marketing and cynical sales pages that I kept seeing. I wanted to do something that felt more authentic and from the heart. I had some mentoring from a few colleagues but I wasn’t moving forward as it wasn’t focused enough. In short, I felt stuck. I felt a bit at sea without any support and also that I needed some individual focus to really help with my confidence.

The work with Corrina has been invaluable, I am so much more aware when I am at my best, how I am most productive and I’ve become so tuned into noticing when I am in an unproductive spiral. I have become so much clearer about my clients’ needs and how to market different support packages. I have more clients, more articles have been published and most exciting of all for me is the increase in self-belief and confidence to write a book. I would never have had the self-belief to do this without working with Corrina.

Although at times I felt scared out of my skin to be stretched out of my comfort zone, I have never regretted the actions I have taken. I have learned that doing something towards your goals will lead to something even if it wasn’t quite what I expected. I have learned to completely kick myself up the butt to do something.

I would recommend Corrina for anyone who is stuck because they don’t know where to start or stuck because they have too much information churning around their heads and leaving them paralysed with indecision in the next steps in self-employment. She has the ability to help you develop laser focus on your next steps and to become your own cheerleader.

Quite simply this stuff is priceless.

– Elinor Wilde, Coach, Warwickshire,

Last night, I went live with my website! After procrastinating over it for two years, I can’t express what a block I had let it become and how much of a leap forward this is for me. Never did I imagine I would have a website I am so pleased with; it feels completely real and expresses who I am. I would never have felt this good about blogging and my website had I not have heard about you and your awesome work – from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

– Lisa Young, Coach, London,

Hayley Burke

I hadn’t even thought about coaching until my husband suggested I hire Corrina. I was dubious: how could she know what I wanted to do if I didn’t?

I’d lost confidence, which I think you do when you’ve been out of work for so long, and as a mother, it was hard to focus on one thing. It felt like I was waiting for my life to begin. My lack of self-belief meant I almost didn’t get started. It felt like there was too much to do with raising two kids and making a new home in a new country.

About six weeks into the coaching, something suddenly happened within me; it seemed like my life began again overnight. I started feeling more secure and settled and I got enthusiastic about starting to renovate furniture, using eco-friendly paints and materials.

It’s funny to think back to our first sessions when there were all those possibilities for my career – because here I am now making and selling regularly and I know it’s only the beginning.

Each piece of furniture I have put for sale has sold within the same day. I love what I’m doing and I’m meeting people who I really connect with. It maybe helps that I’m a woman working with my hands in a predominantly male world and my main customers are women. I find it easy to sell my furniture because I know it’s been renovated with love and respect for our earth.

Even though our sessions have been by phone and I’ve never met you, it’s been amazing to have someone like you in my life, giving me support and help and being non-judgmental. You’ve helped me see things the way they really are and to stop being so hard on myself.

Thanks once again for your help in getting everything rolling and for giving me the support to start my business.

A million thank you’s 🙂

– Hayley Burke, Furniture Renovator, Hamburg, Germany

I’d been learning about marketing my services for a while and had all the pieces but needed help pulling it together. I was trying to do it all myself and I had a fear of doing it wrong. It felt serious and heavy – and now it’s fun! My energy around it has completely changed. I feel supported and that I’ve moved into momentum, ease and flow.

Linda Anderson, EFT “Tapping” Coach, Essex,

Although I was getting great results with clients, my business lacked structure. I had lots of ideas but my main challenge was that I ended up trying to do a bit of everything without fully committing which was affecting my confidence (not to mention my income) and leaving me feeling drained. I was even questioning whether having my own business was really for me even though I had invested a lot of time, energy and money into it so far.

Before I started coaching with Corrina, I had been on many different workshops and seminars geared towards Marketing your Business or How to Get more Clients which would have me sitting there frantically writing notes or working in groups and presenting results on how we were going to turn around a fish and chip shop that was going down the pan. Coaching with Corrina was refreshingly different. In fact, even after the free consultation, I finally felt like I was getting somewhere.

It’s interesting to look back now and think about the slight reluctance I had about starting coaching: “It’s too indulgent! Do you deserve to treat yourself yet? Why don’t you wait until you are earning more money first?” I now see it very differently; I’ve learnt so much about myself and looking after *me* is now much higher up on my priority list.

The main outcomes I’ve seen have been, firstly, increased income! We started work in July and August turned out to be my biggest month of earnings since starting my business in April 2009 (and I mean booked up!). By the end of October, I had been consistently hitting my target number of clients and income whilst at the same time feeling like I had more hours in my week. We worked on limiting beliefs I had around money which means that the self imposed glass ceiling has now been lifted and I could really start moving forward. It’s given me more energy and I feel more ‘in flow’. Overall I feel calmer, more sure of myself, and more confident about dealing with any little gremlins that appear every now and again as I tread on new territory.

There are so many coaches out there to choose from but I feel like I really struck gold with Corrina. She is a very talented person and is very, very good at what she does. She is incredibly insightful and can pick up on things just from the tone of my voice and just seems to ‘know’ what to do next. Looking back, we have worked on some big juicy stuff but it has always felt exciting and empowering because I knew we were hitting on the right things. After each call, I have felt energised and positive and most of all completely and utterly understood.

Thank you Corrina!

– Sarah Turner, Hypnotherapist, Cambridge & UK

Terry Sidford

When I first contacted Corrina, I was unclear on what my goals were and hesitant about which direction to go with my coaching business.

Corrina helped me realize that I wanted to attract powerful women to my business, I wanted to write a book and I wanted lecture to large groups. This was all very intimidating to me in the beginning, but Corrina helped me identify the lurking saboteurs that kept me from playing in the big leagues in life!

Corrina has an amazing presence and ability that helped me believe in myself and she’s been instrumental in helping me return to my true passions and dreams. I had so many questions about what the next step was and what resources I needed. She helped me create a systematic method to achieve my goals and was there with me every step of the way. Currently, I have a successful coaching business full of powerful women, I send out a regular newsletter, I lecture to many women’s groups, and am writing a book on courageous women.

There is such strength and compassion for you when coaching with Corrina. Not only has she helped me create the life I always wanted, but she has been very successful in her own coaching business as well. If you are interested in creating you ideal business, Corrina Gordon-Barnes has the passion and skills to get you there.

– Terry Sidford,

Liz Gatheral

The Passion to Profit programme covers things not covered in books, so don’t expect accounting, or legalities and do expect fun, companionship and real life experience that will make your business work. Add to this the friendship and support of a group of like minded people who all want you to succeed. It gave me the confidence to leave my job of 20 years and head on out to start my own business looking at sustainable living and leadership. The future is looking very bright and I’m now enjoying the freedom of doing something I love.

– Liz Gatheral, Authentic Place,

I have completed twelve coaching sessions, mainly on the phone with one face-to-face in Cambridge, and have twelve more sessions to come.

Corrina is a brilliant coach and has moved me quite rapidly from thinking, analysing and exploring to practical and incisive action, with a degree of ease and timeliness that has surprised me.

The coaching is critical in helping me to consolidate all the learning from my Clore Leadership Programme and in creating a mission and blueprint for the next phase. I have placed myself back at the centre of my own creative practice.

She is a terrific coach for me, I would recommend her highly.

– Sharon Murphy

I cried when I came away from our first session. It was a mix of joy and sadness – sad because I felt so ‘stuck’ and ‘useless’, but positive because I was filled with some hope. I really enjoyed that session with you – your insights and skill of listening so well.

And now, I’m in action! I’ve launched the vegan group which is going really well. My confidence is at an all time high and the motto ‘feel the fear but do it anyway’ is in my head. I’m doing all sorts of things that are scaring the life out of me, but to have that confidence in myself is bloody brilliant. Thank you SO much.

– Lee Anne Chapman

Thank you so much for all the totally wonderful inspiration you’ve given me and for helping me find my ‘roar’.

I think you’ve realised the massive impact the last 8 months have had on my life and how key they’ve been in helping me create my future and enabling me to reclaim ME!

So a million thank you’s to you!

– Heather Peck

I wanted a deeper peace and confidence in my ability to run a successful coaching practice. I found I had reflected back to me qualities that will help me as a coach. I realized that my playfulness is not so much a distraction but actually a part of my character that I can use. It was also good to be reminded of my courageous side: where I’ve come from and the resources I have.

Corrina is a perceptive and astute coach in whose company I felt free to be playful and creative with a range of problems – from deeper emotional issues to very practical aspects of my life. We met in the Botanic Gardens and I liked the way we used physical metaphors (using plants and things around us) as well as using silence and stillness, to find meaningful answers from within.

Corrina helped me to develop my personal resources in new ways, using them to overcome obstacles to peace and productivity. I’ve found greater acceptance that power lies in small steps, patience and self-belief. I’ve been encouraged to persevere in actions to reduce anxiety and increase well-being.

I have lots to work with now, and a sense of momentum that will last as I get on with setting up a new business and other adventures in my life.

Thank you Corrina!

– Dr Chloë Cyrus-Kent, Evolutionary Biologist & Life Coach

When I first approached you, I felt disempowered by seemingly conflicting values. Hiring you wasn’t about getting me onto a horse and riding off, it wasn’t about ambition. It was instead about surrendering and getting to the heart of things. It was an act of compassion to myself to begin the coaching.

Our connection grew and matured effortlessly which allowed exactly what I was hoping for – deep processing, new discoveries and shifts in my thinking that I could take into my life and apply with great success. I was surprised at how creatively attuned we could both be, how the space we co-created invited big insights so easily and how strong and solid our alliance became.

I learned a huge amount from you, Corrina. I really got how powerful and creative co-activity is.

You are a wonderful coach with a great capacity to hold big transformations for your clients. I am impressed by your way of balancing deep intuition and sharp curiosity which opens up great conversations fuelled by very powerful questions. I found this balance to be the bedrock of our process and the fluidity in which we could work. It gave me the clarity to choose this work purely for my own enjoyment, as opposed to wanting to get certified for logistical purposes.

You have supported my self-discovery with your compassionate curiosity which is authentic and truly devoid of directive agendas. I now feel much more centred and grounded. I feel like an elder. It’s been a peaceful, honouring relationship. It’s truly been a meeting of two wise women and I have deep gratitude for that.

– Ella Aboutboul, Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC)


Having been skeptical and resistant to Twitter (why would I waste my life reading stuff like, ‘I’m having a coffee’?!) Corrina succinctly showed us how it saves time, enables easy promotion and networking, and is invaluable to many businesses.

I was inspired to sign up the next day and, having practised a bit, can see how it will help me reach more people with my message about relationships.

Corrina has a knack for imparting information quickly and clearly, understanding what is relevant to different people, and responding to varied participant needs.

– Caro Burr,


Having spent less than 30 minutes in the effervescent company of the fabulous Corrina Gordon-Barnes bashing on about the delights of Twitter, I have to say that I now feel completely enlightened. Not in a spiritual sense, of course, but more in a sense that I now ‘get it’ – tweeting on Twitter is not a pointless waste of life. It can be (and that’s the point, it’s up to you how you tweet and why you tweet) a life and business enhancing experience – who’d have thought it?!
– Tony Barton,

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