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Clarity Sessions are no longer available.

Having clarified who I’m here to serve, I then needed to find out how to describe what I offer in terms of a package and price. At this point I felt a little stuck so I took advantage of a Clarity Session. This really helped – I loved Corrina’s energy and passion, guidance and support. She helped me refine exactly how I help my clients and find a name for this.

Corrina also helped me get to a confident place with my pricing for this package – something that I had struggled to do by myself.

I would highly recommend Corrina’s approach to other heart centred entrepreneurs who are struggling to make a viable business out of what they love to do.

– Hilary Lees, Coach, Kent, Essence Coaching

Jo BradshawI wanted: Strategy. Clarity. Focus. Money. Quick. I thought I could do it on my own. (After all, I can do most things on my own.) But this? Actually no.

I booked a Clarity Session with Corrina – a fiercely talented, intuitive and professional coach. But an hour? Really? How were we going to even scratch the surface?

Well. I was surprised. Delighted. On the point of tears several times, as this was the most intense, focused attention I’ve had poured into me for a very long time.

An hour was enough to make a dramatic impact: to my outlook, to my working habits, to my focus, to my relationships. It’s like installing a new operating system instead of just rearranging the icons on my desktop. And yes, I’ve earned more money this week than I did in the previous 3 months.

Wondering whether it’s going to be worth it for you? Yes. Yes, yes, and yes. I wish I had given this session to myself a very long time ago.

– Jo Bradshaw, Creative Director and Brand Doula, Minestrone Soul

Maisie Hill doula Since our wonderful session, lots of new shoots have started appearing in my business; largely in the form of oh-so-perfect new patients who are most definitely in my Tribe. The first patient who contacted me after our appointment signed up for my 12 week fertility package – oh, and she’s now pregnant!

Raising my doula fee has totally changed the way I work. For years I believed there was no way I could give any more to my clients, but adjusting my fee has opened up a whole other side of me, and my clients are feeling even more reassured. The relief I’ve experienced in the day to day aspects of my business has left space for me to connect with my deepest desires and dreams, so thank you for that precious gift.

– Maisie Hill: The Birth Woman

Picture of Johanna HendersonEvery 1-1 session I’ve had with Corrina has connected me with my soul purpose, passion and highest truth and I’ve found myself so amazed and inspired by my own wisdom, creativity and clarity!

– Johanna Henderson, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Brighton

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