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Community Meet-Ups

Thank you for three amazing years

You Inspire Me Community Meet-Ups took place in central London between 2012 and 2015.

Hundreds of inspirational men and women joined us for networking and support, and for the tangible experience that self-employment does not mean by-your-self-employment.

UPDATE: We’re meeting again! Click here for next dates, full information and to get your ticket.

Tibits Thank you to Tibits restaurant for hosting us and providing such delicious food and drink. Thank you to all our speakers: Nick Williams, Catherine Watkin, Siobhan Costello, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, Hannah Braime, Holly Worton, Linda Anderson, Mark Leruste, Saskia Fraser, Kate Gerry, Joanna Penn, Rebecca Campbell, Jo Bradshaw, Samantha Clarke, Duncan Lewin and Lisa Lister.


Stella Tomlinson

I’m at the early stages of pursuing my passion so I need connection with people who are living their dream – to give me the confidence that: Yes, it is possible!

And that is just what I found.

I was a bit hesitant about walking into a roomful of people I didn’t know and striking up conversations – but in the end, I had nothing to worry about as everyone was so friendly, enthusiastic and supportive.

I felt uplifted and full of ideas. Everyone was more than willing to share their experiences to support each other, no matter what stage of the journey they’re on.

Can’t wait till the next meet-up! I’m going to try and make every one from now on – the sense of connection I found was deeply nourishing and it’s such a boost to know I’m joining a whole movement of people out there setting up and finding success with heart-led and passion-led businesses.

Stella Tomlinson, Dru Yoga Teacher, Living Yoga With Stella

Lesley Pyne

I was reflecting on how much I’ve personally gained from attending the meet ups & how much my life (& I) has changed because of those I’ve met, connected with, worked with & become firm friends with. So much that is positive in my work & life goes back to the people that I’ve meet at the meet ups. It’s such a fabulous, positive, safe & nurturing environment & attending has enriched me & my life so much.

Lesley Pyne, Supporting childless women to heal and to create a life they love,

Rosie Slosek

This is the only networking event I can relax at, knowing I can’t say the wrong thing. It’s a place of safety and growth, a wonderful and rare combination.

Rosie Slosek, Helping one man bands in the UK do their own tax returns, with cake! One Man Band Accounting

Oeda O'Hara

You’ve created a warm, party atmosphere! We are all so grateful to you for organising us and bringing this big group of people together. I loved the way you took time for meeting and greeting so I was not left feeling lost. I met a lot of like minded people who didn’t mind sharing information and helping me out.

I’m definitely recommending this to friends who work for themselves. It gets us out of the house and it’s inspiring to meet other entrepreneurs, hear how well they are doing and to exchange ideas.

Oeda O’Hara, Achievement Coach, OedaO’

Melanie Mackie

When I read the description, I thought, “This is a unique approach.” And it is.

As soon as I arrived, I felt I was in exactly the right place with the right people. It reaffirmed my belief that there are people you feel instantly connected to and at ease with. I could be myself.

I only recommend these events to those who “get it” – who understand that it is about building relationships, connecting and not about selling your wares and business card shuffles.

Keep on doing them, Corrina! They are brilliant. I’ve met loads of fab people with businesses that share similar goals and aims as mine. The connection has carried on after and in between the meetings, which to me is what it is all about.

Melanie Mackie, Owner and Social Media Consultant, Scarletta Media Marketing

Keri Williams

I love these events because they don’t feel cold and “businessy” like some groups. The way you facilitate the networking, you reduce the cringe-factor! It feels truly great to be part of a community of like-minded spirits who just want to live a great life doing what they are passionate about and making a difference.

I always recommend these events to others; I see a lot of therapists struggling and I know they will benefit.

Keri Williams, Helping you get healthy, happy and hormonally balanced with natural medicine, Hormonal Harmony

Lynn Hord

I was buzzing for a week. I had the chance to hone my pitch about what I do, help others where I could, and make connections to the niche I am targeting through the people I networked with on the day.

I loved the speaker’s topic, which was very on target for someone like me who wants to run a heart-led business. I also loved the intuition connection we did just before starting to network and how Corrina suggested we trusted that who we met was who we needed to meet at this time. This took the pressure away and made me feel different about the whole process – and I had a great time!

Corrina is a fantastic role model for what it can look like to run a successful small business that makes you happy and fulfills your passion.

Lynn Hord, Writing and Business Coach

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