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What do I wish I’d known when I was starting out in business?

What insights are most useful when you’re in the early stages of growing your community and client base?

I offer the full Passion to Profit course to guide you through this journey step-by-step, but for now I’ve put together some free resources as starters for you – to answer the questions I had back then, and that you probably have too.

Everything on this page is free. All I ask is that you share the resources with at least three friends – for example, the colleagues you trained with, or buddies on Facebook who are also trying to grow their business. Join my mission to help as many people as possible have an easier, more enjoyable path with self-employment.


Q: Where do I start?

With so many things to do, it can quickly get overwhelming and exhausting as you try to learn everything, do everything, be everything. You just want to be able to help people – so, can’t it be simple? Here’s a free 8-page guide that demystifies where to start with marketing and getting clients. Click here to discover your first steps.

Q: How to get known?

How do you become visible to the right people, for the right reasons? Get instant access to a free 24-minute mini training.

Q: Which tech tools do I need?

Website software, email lists, plugins – here’s a 7-page behind-the-scenes guide to the business tools I’ve used over the years to build my business. These save time and hassle and make it far easier for you to connect with your ideal clients. Click here to find out what these are.

And finally…

If you want a reminder of what it’s all about, watch this.:


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© Corrina Gordon-Barnes, 2014. Words: Corrina Gordon-Barnes. Design: Jo Bradshaw.


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p.s. In case you missed it…

You’ll find 200+ free articles on the blog. From how to define your niche, how to stop procrastinating, and what to actually say and do at networking events, to how to use social media, how to build an email list, and what to say when family and friends doubt you – click here to scroll through. You’ll also discover wonderful insights from others like you in the community discussions at the end of each blog post; come over and join in!

And likewise, there are 50+ free videos waiting for you on the Passion to Profit channel on YouTube. When to raise your prices? How to describe what to do? What if you just want to hide under your duvet? These quick business tip video nuggets are each under 5 minutes and the strategies will help you to go successfully self-employed, doing the work you love with paying clients. Settle in and watch here.

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