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26 Feb 14

What I Wish For Us In Self-Employment

What I wish for us in self-employmentI’m sharing an extra-special blog this week.

If you’re anything like me, you find words powerful. They guide you, boost you, and inspire you – and so as you navigate the path of self-employment, with its myriad joys and challenges, you may constantly be looking for words to live by.

Some of the words you find will leave you cold. Phrases like “find your competitive advantage” and “dominate the market” turn me off in a heartbeat. They have nothing to do with the world I want to create.

I crave a different world. One in which we feel inherently and unconditionally safe. Where we see no competition, but only allies, supporters, buddies and champions. And where we remember that we are meant to be here, we are needed, and all is well.

So, when I emailed my community on 1st January with words to this effect, I discovered I’m not the only one. My heart-felt wishes for us appeared to move and comfort; I heard time and again from people who had printed the message to stick on their wall or to slide into their journal.

I realised these words were what many of us had been craving – and so my team and I have transformed the message into a beautiful 3-minute animated video.

My voice, uplifting music and vibrant illustrations have turned the words into an anthem with which to start your self-employed days.

Settle in and watch now:


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© Corrina Gordon-Barnes, 2014. Words: Corrina Gordon-Barnes. Design: Jo Bradshaw.

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What part of this message do you find most powerful? What other wishes for the self-employed path would you like to add? Leave a comment below.

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Use the comments section below to let me know where you’ve shared this message; I want to find out just how far we can shine this light. Thanks so much for your help with ensuring nobody feels alone or unsupported on their self-employment journey.

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© Corrina Gordon-Barnes 2014

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  1. Emma Swan

    Beautiful words and gorgeous graphics made with so much love. Thank you!
    ‘May we get focused on what we most love to do with who we most love to do it.’ – Hallelujah!

  2. Sarah Turner

    Aw, I’m so pleased you did this, it was genius when it arrived on the 1st Jan, and it is even more powerful now. Love it! Now I get to replace the one I have on my cork board for one in beautiful colours, yay!

    “May we be brave, conquering the pesky pull to stay small, hidden, invisible, or in our pyjamas.”

  3. Will Skelton

    I just love this– Thanks so much! Your video clearly declares a powerful context from which I am learning to share my healership. I’m currently, and slowly, working through your book. This inspires me to renew my efforts and commit more deeply to those beloved clients that are waiting for me.
    You are such a blessing 🙂

  4. Mo Cleary

    This is beautiful. So you, so encouraging and uplifting. Thanks for taking such a powerful stance for your tribe.

  5. Jenny Glick

    Lovely lovely lovely…pairing our work with our essence. Thank you thank you.

  6. Cherry

    What a wonderful and heartfelt reminder of why we are doing all this, Corrina. Whatever our struggles, with your support, all is indeed well! 🙂

    1. Corrina

      Cherry – It’s my total honour to provide this support. ♥

  7. Beks Hourston

    Well – and beautifully – said! Thank you and have passed on – I hope it spreads widely. Moving beyond the sense of competition to allies is really important for me, not always easy I have to confess but SO much better that way.

    1. Corrina

      Beks – Thank you SO much for passing on!

  8. Kirstie

    Thats so energising and soothing at the same time.
    Thank you

  9. flavourphotos

    Absolutely gorgeous. I may be a bit tired and emotional after a very intense week – this has really moved me! *sniff*

    David, my partner always says that with self-employment the lows are lower but the highs are much higher too. After finishing the photos for National Vegetarian Week on Monday I was dancing wildly around the kitchen with a silly, beaming smile on my face 🙂

  10. Pierre Dussault

    Well Done Corrina!
    and very inspiring ang grounded!

  11. anne

    Corrina, it was great to see you on tuesday and this blogs just reinforces the distance there is between the way you do marketing and the “normal” way!.
    You might enjoy a poem my son copied for me when he was learning to write.
    I will not play at tug o’ war.
    I’d rather play at hug o’ war,
    Where everyone hugs
    Instead of tugs,
    Where everyone giggles
    And rolls on the rug,
    Where everyone kisses,
    And everyone grins,
    And everyone cuddles,
    And everyone wins.
    Sheldon Allan Silverstein

    1. Corrina

      Anne – Ah, so beautiful! Your son chose well. I hadn’t come across the poem before – I will share in due course on my Facebook Page 🙂

    2. Karen J

      Gotta love that Shel Silverstein, anne 🙂
      I hadn’t come across this one – thank you! thank you!

  12. Stella Tomlinson

    Thank you so much for this Corrina – it’s beautiful! I’ve printed it out and am going to put it up on the wall at home in my yoga room where I’ll see it every day 🙂

    The line which resonates most for me at the moment is the first one “May we know ourselves to be unconditionally and inherently safe”.

    I’m going to make it my daily mantra!

    It aligns beautifully with my recently commenced connection practice.

    After my morning yoga practice, I sit or stand with arms slightly out-stretched and my palms face up.

    I visualise light, energy, inspiration, healing, flowing through my left palm and along into my arm into my heart where I see myself taking what I need and then imagine the flow moving down my right arm out through my right palm to send energy and love and healing to my yoga clients, as well as my family, friends, colleagues … indeed the whole world! It gives me a deep sense of safety, connection and support and that I’m on the right path.

    I’ve shared your post my fellow Dru Yoga teachers. We have a private Facebook group of 640 of us world-wide – I know this will be uplifting and inspiring for them 🙂

    Thank you! xxx

    1. Corrina

      Thank you SO much for sharing, Stella. You, and anyone else, is free to put copies of the words up at any yoga studio, cafe etc 🙂

  13. Claire Bradford

    Oh my goodness Corrina – that’s given me goosebumps, inspired me and made me cry all in one viewing! Am sharing, sharing, sharing. Thank you so much xx

    1. Julie Shepherd

      Brilliant. Yes goose bumps for me too. Very lovely, inspiring and moving. What resonated most for me was ALL is Well, and you are meant to be here. As always, thank you xx

  14. Pamela

    Thank you. You have pulled into 1 spot all the “messages” I have been hearing over this past year.
    Thanks for being my, our, CHAMPION!

  15. Ana Goncalves

    Truly inspiring.
    Thank you Corrina.
    This has come as a perfect reminder to stay connected to my business and what I wish to use it for which is to serve and I have felt that I haven’t been doing that, it’s been put on the back burner.
    Thank you and a very Happy March to you

  16. Bruna

    Thank you Corrina 🙂

  17. Juliet Landau-Pope

    Beautiful words and graphics. Thank you Corrina for finding such creative ways to spread your inspiration and support. Brilliant!

  18. dawn robinson

    This is so wonderful and just what I needed this morning

  19. Lesley Pyne

    Beautiful Corrina, thanks so much. There are so many nuggests of inspiration. I love to imagine myself as a walking guardian angel, using my power for good 🙂
    Struggling a bit this morning so it was really re-affiring to hear that the path is worth it & it isn’t always easy, and all is well. Yes it is. Thank you

    1. Corrina

      You ARE a walking guardian angel, Lesley. That’s exactly what you are. 🙂

  20. Anna

    True genius.
    Thank you x

  21. Esther Lemmens

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it Corrina!! 🙂

    Lovely visual and beautiful music. Really inspiring. More please <3

  22. Karen J

    Thank you, Corrina and Jo!
    This is precisely what I needed to hear this morning – and how I want my life to look and feel, no matter *how* I invite income into it. 🙂

  23. Maria Lua

    This is so beautiful Corrina. Really touching and powerful. I am inspired to create a song out of it! I will be in touch soon 😉

    Big love
    Maria x

    1. Corrina

      Ooh…..! Can’t wait to hear that song, Maria 🙂

  24. Esther Lemmens

    Still wonderful 🙂 <3

    Next blog: how to make a video like this? 😉

    Where did you get the music from? It's rather lovely! And how did you go about making the video, or having it made? x

  25. Chris Durrant

    Loved the reminder that we are needed we just need to help those looking to find us.

  26. Janet Winter

    This puts a smile back on my face. Going to have to play it as I sleep and be hypnotized by it! All is well…All is well….


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